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Atlanta cop pulls gun on fellow officer during street brawl over who can run faster

Atlanta police officers Stephen Green (L) and Joseph Tyler (R)
Atlanta police officers Stephen Green (L) and Joseph Tyler (R)

An argument that started over something so frivolous escalated into a nasty, physical altercation between two Atlanta cops — who have now been relieved of duty.

A handful of officers met up for dinner at a Buckhead restaurant at around 5am last Friday, when two of the officers started arguing over who could run faster, AJC reported.

Officers Stephen Green and Joseph Tyer apparently began teasing each other about who would be faster in a foot race. Tyer started to lose his cool as the conversation continued and then, according to police, said to Green: “I’m going to punch you in the face.”

The fight turned physical when the two decided to take things outside.  The brawl  had to be broken up by the other officers. Tyer allegedly pulled his service weapon at some point during the fight — but no shots were fired.

Green, who’s been with the force about five years, is currently on administrative leave. Tyer resigned on Tuesday, according to the Palm Beach Post. He joined Atlanta PD in 2012.

The Office of Professional Standards opened an investigation into the matter and a spokesman for the dept. said it’s still ongoing.


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  1. In the caption of the article photo you put “Joseph Tyler (R)” and then constantly through out the article you refer to the officer as “Joseph Tyer” … “Tyer started to” … “Tyer allegedly pulled”
    Get your editor’s head out of his ass, and proof-read… This isn’t the first time you have blatantly botched an article with shitty grammar and mis-spellings … I recommend you find a new editor.


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