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ATF 41F changes the rules for suppressors


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Although it won’t take effect until July 13, 2016, the much-anticipated ATF 41F ruling regarding gun suppressor applications is already having an impact on the silencer industry. Effectively, it brings the process of applying for a silencer closer to that of firearms. The ruling will bring many new changes to the application process, including:

  • Applications for firearm suppressors will no longer need chief law enforcement officer (CLEO). Instead of a signature, there will be a notification requirement
  • Trust or corporation applications will be required to use a new form 5320.23 for all responsible persons. The form includes a requirement for a recent passport photo
  • Fingerprints will also be required for suppressor and other NFA purchases using trusts or corporations
  • All pending applications from before July 13, 2016 will be grandfathered under the existing rules
  • There is specifically no requirement to notify the NFA Branch if you add or remove responsible persons after getting an approval

Silencer Shop is a leader in the firearm suppression industry that works with government agencies and industry organizations to help develop processes and best-practice within the category. Look to us for more information and updates as ATF 41F is implemented.


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  1. Thanks for all you do and let’s not forget those responsible for all of this: Jeff “41F” Folloder and his gang of cronies at the NFATCA.

    Boycott them and every website related to them!

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