Home News Armed motorists threaten to kill Chicago police officers in disturbing video

Armed motorists threaten to kill Chicago police officers in disturbing video


A disturbing video was released out of Chicago, depicting a car full of armed individuals who are more than willing to brandish weapons in front of police officer.

The clip was filmed by the driver of the vehicle, who spoke about how he wanted to kill police officers at the same time they were stopped at a red light alongside a Chicago Police cruiser.

Referring to the police as “Jakes,” the man filmed on as he stared the officer in the face, waving around his handgun while his rear seat passenger loaded a drum magazine into his handgun.

“I gonna kill him” he said. “We gonna rise up, what we gonna do to them?”

Turning the camera to the police cruiser, the driver began mocking the police officer.

“He’s scared!” he laughed, turning the camera towards his lap and exposing several firearms. “You better mind your motherf****ng business, b***h, I’mma kill you right here.”

When the light turned green, the driver of the vehicle pulled away as the CPD cruiser slowly crept behind them.

“Keep coming,” the driver said. “I got some s**t that hurt.”

When the cruiser passed them, the man in the rear seat of the vehicle “painted” the cruiser with his laser sight.

Not satisfied, the driver begins to follow the cruiser,

“F*** the police, they bail out I’m gonna kill them,” the driver said. “I’mma shoot this b***h in public.”

Eventually, the cruiser broke contact, either completely unaware to the threat or not wanting to be in a prolonged firefight.

“Y’all see the police running from us,” the driver said. “Y’all know who’s really running Chicago.”

The video was picked up and distributed yesterday by the Facebook group Chicago Code Blue. Less than 23 hours after being posted, it has over 900,000 views.

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  1. Well clearly these young men need their FOID cards revoked. And the unsafe gun handling they’re displaying is just despicable. How did they ever pass background checks to get those weapons of war?

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