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Arkansas woman suing police for PIT maneuver, claims she was following the law


Last summer Nicole Harper was driving down a stretch of highway when she saw police lights in her rearview mirror. She knew she had to pull over, so she put on her four-way lights and began slowing down to pull off to the side, but apparently it wasn’t fast enough for the officer in pursuit.

According to NBC News, Harper is suing the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office for injuries and damages after the deputy who was pursuing her pulled a PIT maneuver.

Harper was driving at roughly 84 MPH down the 70 MPH highway. The deputy was attempting to stop her for speeding. Harper moved to the right-hand lane, was slowing down, and had her four-ways on but she was looking for a safe spot to pull over.

After two minutes of following her, the deputy decided to perform a PIT maneuver. The then-pregnant Harper’s car flipped over onto its roof.

The deputy came to Harper’s aid and pulled her from the vehicle. When asked why she hadn’t pulled over earlier she said, “Because I didn’t feel like it was safe.”

The Arkansas driver’s license manual urges motorists to pull “to the nearest/safest spot out of the traffic lane” when police are exercising a pullover.

Harper was lucky not to lose her child.

So far, there is no notice that the deputy has been penalized for their actions.

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