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Arizona trooper takes out big rig driver going the wrong way with a rifle shot from highway overpass


An Arizona State Trooper make a spectacular rifle shot to incapacitate a rogue trucker, who was endangering everyone on the road by going the wrong way during a chase.

The unidentified trucker was shot on Friday, after he bolted from a traffic stop commercial vehicle inspection.

With the runaway driver going the wrong way down the road, an Arizona trooper was summoned and (taking up position at a nearby overpass) opened fire with his patrol rifle, wounding the trucker.

According to Pinal Central, the wounded man is expected to live.

One motorist claimed that the driver tossed a package of powdery substance prior to being stopped, which was later recovered.

The driver of the big rig switched places with the passenger during the stop. While the inspection was underway, one individual leapt back into the truck and drove away.

DPS Spokesman Bart Graves had no problem justifying the shot taken.

“You have an 18-wheeler, rolling down the road going the wrong way. These trucks may weigh several tons,” Graves said. “That could have been an absolute disaster, a huge loss of life if he struck another vehicle, or vehicles, or another semi.”

The incident is being investigated.

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