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Arizona teacher and 13-year-old told friend to stay and watch while they had sex in a classroom


The sexual relationship between a teacher and a 13-year-old boy was apparently hot and steamy according to text messages and photos just obtained by the Arizona Republic.

The paper details how Brittany Zamora and her sixth-grade student had sex multiple times in her classroom and her car. The two also sexually touched each other while the class watched a video.

Apparently, the relationship started after Zamora, who is married, told her students to message her on an app ‘Class Craft’ because she was bored.

The two began exchanging love notes and starting sexting each other.

Zamora and the 13-year-old boy also sent each other nude photos.

In one incident Zamora and the teen had his male friend stay and watch the door while the two had sex in her classroom.

Another time she asked the other student if he was circumcised. When he didn’t know what that meant she began showing him photos on her phone.

Zamora was arrested last March and now faces multiple charges including sexual misconduct. She also surrendered her teaching certificate last December.

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