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Arizona Border Patrol Agents catch 100 who climbed wall with help of smuggler in viral video


A group of illegal immigrants -whose numbers were equivalent to that of a small battalion- turned themselves in to Arizona Border Patrol agents after tunnelling under the border fence last week.

Around 376 illegals from Central America were apprehended on January 14 after crossing from Mexico to Yuma by way of a tunnel system, which consisted of seven paths dug under the steel fence that separates the two nations.

CBP Arizona posted several videos and photos to their Twitter account after the incident, showing long lines of individuals waiting to be detained, an image reminiscent of the mass-surrenders seen during the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

However, this footage was not taken in the Middle East during a bygone era- this took place at America’s back doorstep, on January 14, 2019.

A few days later, a company-sized element was captured by Yuma Sector agents after scaling a small wall, using a ladder provided by a human trafficking specialist.

In the former case, the majority of individuals captured were unaccompanied juveniles and family units, as opposed to the largely adult male demographic that is more commonly encountered.

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