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Arizona bill would require people filming officers to stand back by 15 feet


An Arizona politician is attempting to create a safe space for police officers while they’re working the streets by creating a 15-foot boundary between the police and people filming them.

According to AZ Family, John Kavanagh wants people filming “police activity” to be a minimum of 15-feet away from an officer or else face obstruction charges and be arrested themselves.

“Police officers are complaining that people with cameras are videotaping them taking enforcement action, which I fully support and think is legal, and I’m not stopping. But I’m simply saying if you’re going to film a police officer taking enforcement action stay 15 feet away,” Republican Rep. John Kavanagh said.

Kavanagh says he’s received a lot of support and positive feedback from police officers. Others are calling the bill unconstitutional.

In 2016, Kavanagh attempted to pass a similar bill that would have required people to be 20-feet away. That failed.

If passed, violates would face a level 3 misdemeanor charge.

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