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“Are you ok?” Officer under investigation after man videotapes him sleeping in his patrol car


Adam Kemp
The Oklahoman, Oklahoma City

The Oklahoma City Police Department is investigating one of its officers after he was allegedly caught on video sleeping in his patrol car.

Captain Larry Withrow said police have launched an administrative investigation into an officer after he was confronted by a citizen Thursday morning near NW 4 and Hudson. The officer’s name was withheld due to the ongoing investigation.

The citizen, who also remains unidentified, video-recorded the officer as he was sitting in a car with a female passenger. According to the person taking the video, which later was posted on YouTube, the officer appeared to be sleeping.

In the video, the citizen knocks on the window to ask if the officer is doing OK or needs medical attention. He then asks the officer if he was sleeping on the job. The citizen requests the officer’s name and the officer refuses to identify himself.

Continuing to film, the citizen goes around the back of the car to record the car number, at which time the officer confronts the man and takes his camera.

The citizen called to report the incident, but when contacted said he wanted to cancel the call and left the scene before a police supervisor could arrive.

“At this point we have not received an official complaint from the individual,” Withrow said.

Police said they are not sure if the officer was on duty or possibly moonlighting for the EMBARK public transit authority at the time.

Withrow said the department’s policy is for officers to identify themselves when citizens ask and that it is “perfectly fine” for a citizen to video-record an officer while they are performing their duties as long as it’s not threatening or hindering an officer from their duties.

“The officer in this circumstance should have provided his name,” Withrow said.


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  1. The sleeping doesn’t bother me and is understandable. We have all been that tired before. It’s all the other crap that he did that bothers me. That’s the kind of crap that shines a bad light on all LEO’s.


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