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April Fools: Best police pranks on video


By Brett Gillin

Just like everyone else, police officers need to blow off a little steam now and again. What better way to do that than to pull a little prank on your colleague? And just like many of the more “rugged” professions around there, rookies are often the ones who have to deal with the majority of these pranks, but what’s a little harmless hazing to make you feel like a part of the team?

1: On his last night at the station before heading out to Alaska, this officer is a good sport after being positively terrified by a fellow officer.

2: A couple police officers notice another cruiser sitting there, all alone, and completely unattended. So they decide to have a little fun!

3: Be honest: Could you resist doing this if your partner had to use a portable toilet? What if he was a rookie? Yeah, we thought so!

4: Getting pulled over is not something that anyone looks forward to, but when the police team up with a popular comedy website, great things happen.

5: Another instance of the Police pranking the public, and this one probably caused more than a few near-heart-attacks and second-guessings of sanity!

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