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Antonio Brown goes on belligerent, racist tirade at police and his ex; throws a bag of candy shaped like male genitalia


Florida law enforcement in the city of Hollywood got a good glimpse of NFL player Antonio Brown on a very bad day, after the football star threw a “bag of d*cks” at police during a domestic dispute.

Police were called out to Brown’s home earlier this morning to find Brown and the estranged mother of three of his children, Chelsea Kyriss, arguing loudly.

Brown claimed that he had evicted Kyriss in the past, but allowed her on his property for the sole purpose of taking their kids to school.

The reason for the argument, it seems, is that the ex allegedly tried to steal Brown’s Bentley.

“She’s f–king trash, take the trash to jail,” Brown told police at one point, and calling police “pu**ies” for not cracking down on Kyriss.

“F–k the NFL, this is real life,” he said.

Eventually, Brown -who was filming the tantrum and posting it to Instagram- took out a bag of candy penises and threw it towards police.

“Bag of d*cks for the d*icks,” he said.

Brown was kicked out by the New England Patriots in September not long after he signed on and only a very short period of time after he was cut from the Raiders.

The footballer has been inundated in sexual assault and harassment allegations, including by his former trainer, Britney Taylor.

According to the New York Post, Brown had an opportunity to work with the New Orleans Saints, but the team is holding back until the NFL provides clarity on the sexual assault claims.

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