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Antifa targeting police in South Florida, promoting killing officers

(Credit: Lake Worth Local Facebook Page)

Local residents of Lake Worth were shocked to find graffiti encouraging people to kill law enforcement officers.

Matching graffiti in the area suggests that Antifa, militant anti-fascist groups across the United States, is responsible or someone purporting to be apart of the organization is responsible.

In 2008, Lake Worth police department merged with the Palm Beach Sherriff’s Department.  The city is considered one of the most unsafe cities in the country.

According to NeighborhoodScout.com, Lake Worth is only safer than 4% of American cities.

(Credit: Lake Worth Local Facebook Page)

The graffiti was first reported on social media by a resident who claimed the spray paint, which said, “Kill a Cop, Save a Life,” was eight feet wide.

“Walking my dog home and came across this,” the resident said. She claims it was done on Friday night because she said it was not there during the daytime.

Antifa has been known to set up demonstrations and protests in Lake Worth. In May of last year, Antifa marched down the streets of Lake Worth for “May Day.”

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  1. Hey BLUE LIVES MATTER writer: “In South Florida” means about 5 different counties. You should have written “in Lake Worth Florida,” or “in a city located in South Florida.” You’ve also made other errors such as writing “apart” when you meant “a part.” They mean 2 different things. Look it up. Write like a professional.

  2. I’ve been here in lake Worth for 4 months..I haven’t seen any antifa yet, but I’m rocking Trump gear and m.a.g.a. gear every day. I hope they try me. I got something for them cowards. Personally hoping to find every one. To our boys in blue…I got your backs..have mine when you show up.

  3. This must be fake. Doesn’t look like Lake Worth.

    I haven’t seen anything but if I do I’ll be sure to help put them in their place.


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