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Anti-Trump protester dubbed “pepperballs” starts anti-police organization


The Arizona Trump protester who was hit with a pepper canister last summer and later arrested is now creating his own anti-police brutality group.

Joshua Cobin was present at a Phoenix rally last summer when he was involved in a standoff with riot police, resulting in him getting hit with a pepper ball in a recorded below-the-belt shot that went viral on the internet.

Two days later, Cobin’s workplace was surrounded and he was taken into custody.

“It was about 1 p.m. and the HR guy is like ‘Hey Josh police are here, they say they want you to come down and they say they have the building surrounded if you try to leave,'” recalled Cobin.

Pleading guilty to unlawful assembly last week, Cobin ate the misdemeanor offense in order to avoid a felony.

“Yes, I overstepped the line I would say, hence my plea there,” he said.

Since then, Cobin has founded a non-profit -known as the Arizona Foundation For Victims of Police Abuse– in an effort to educate Arizonans on police brutality and providing bail relief.

Screen shot from Arizona Foundation for Victims of Police Violence.

“Our primary goal is to educate people about instances of police overreach in Arizona,” Cobin told AZ Family.

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  1. Another wacko out there creating problems for those trying to serve and protect. When you do wrong you deserve what you get. Quit whinning. Don’t want to hear it.

  2. Just one more libTURD snowflake that thinks he is above the Law, and he’s a moron to boot! He’s not worth the “powder” to blow him to HELL! idiot traitor


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