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Anti-police militia that Dallas cop-killer was a member of teams up with “world’s worst firearms instructor”


A radical gun owners group -whose membership once included Dallas cop killer Micah Xavier Johnson- has teamed up with self-proclaimed “firearms expert” and YouTuber Lucien Black in order to increase their collective lethality.

The Huey P. Newton Gun Club, named after the Black Panther Party founder and originating out of Texas, is training alongside controversial North Carolina firearms trainer Michael Thervil (AKA “Lucien Black” of VODA consulting), who has frequently been referred to as the “world’s worst firearms instructor”- so bad, in fact, that the NRA stripped him of his instructor credentials.

In a September 27 video posted on his YouTube channel, VODA INC, Thervil can be seen filming tactical training by members of the HPNGC, as their leader discusses a scenario involving going on the offensive against “crackers.”

“We’re in a rally with downtown Houston, and these motherf***er crackers done got aggressive,” the team leader said as he laid out the scenario. “Now we have to take the sh*t from a defensive peaceful march to a tactical situation.”

HPNGC President Babu Omowale later told Thervil that his organization emphasized armed patrols to fight threats inside their communities, including “criminal cops” and “white supremacist groups.”

“We’re not going to let white people come to black and brown neighborhoods and dictate what’s going in on our neighborhoods,” Omowale said. “We’re not gonna let white people come through our neighborhoods and intimidate anybody.”

One notorious member of the HPNGC was Micah Xavier Johnson, better known as the man behind the ambush that killed four Dallas Police officers and one DART officer.

After the shooting, Omowale and other members praised Johnson for killing the police.

“The fact that Micah just got five of the bastards, that’s what got you all upset right now,” Omowale said in a 2016 radio interview.

According to Dallas News, HPNGC co-founder Yafeuh Balogun wrote a now-deleted Facebook post, claiming that Johnson’s name “shall be celebrated one day,” and later added that he felt no remorse for the death of the officers.

“I have no remorse for the Dallas Police Officers shot downtown,” he wrote. “It’s about time.”

As for Thervil, a North Carolina Corrections officer approached Bearing Arms and informed them of just how bad of an “instructor” Thervil allegedly was.

“His name is Michael Thervil, he was a Correctional Officer with the NCDPS for a few months,” the officer wrote. “In his time with the department, Thervil was considered one of the worst officer with the department. He would come to work with red gloves on and a pair of sun shades on at 6 A.M. in the morning. I have an interesting video of him getting a beatdown from an inmate. He says he teaches combat and situational awareness technique, but trust when the rubber met the road, he got his biscuits burned. If anything his ‘techniques’ are photogenically mimicked from what he sees on T.V. or reads in magazine articles.”

Thervil is widely-known as the butt of jokes in the firearms community as a whole, namely due to his “tactics” and complete disregard for gun safety, with the latter of which has gotten him banned from several facilities- something Thervil frequently blames on “bigots” and racism from within the community.

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