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Anti-police activists hit with felonies for walking into police station with rifles and body armor


Two Michigan Cop Block affiliates expecting to be arraigned on misdemeanor charges for waltzing into a Dearborn police station with AK rifles and body armor were surprised to be hit with felony charges.

24-year-old James V Baker and 40-year-old Brandon Vreeland were charged with carrying a concealed weapon, disturbing the peace and assaulting, resisting or obstructing a police officer, respectively. In addition to their collective charges, Baker was charged with brandishing.

24-year-old James baker and
24-year-old James baker and 40-year-old Brandon Vreeland.

“The ultimate objective is public safety for everyone; including police officers,” Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad said.

Baker and Vreeland made headlines after walking into a police station on Feb 5 while toting firearms, wearing body armor and sporting balaclavas. They were stopped by police once they got into the station.

At the time of the incident, the duo claimed they came to complain about a traffic stop.

Dearborn PD Sergeant Carpenter referred to the men as “professional provocateurs,” citing the two men’s penchant for setting up similar events.

Verily, Vreeland and Baker have spoken of taking advantage of “Trumpaphobia” by wearing traditional Muslim clothing and carrying AK-pattern semiautomatic rifles.

“There’s discussion of having a death wish, making funeral arrangements and embracing the idea of being known as the public enemy,” Carpenter said.

The bond was set at $50,000, cash or surety, for Baker, and $20,000, cash or surety, for Vreeland. Both men must surrender their weapons if they post bond and must wear a GPS tether, as well as cease communication with each other.

Both men are due back in court March 10.

According to Click On Detroit, the men were given low bail costs after their defense attorney suggested a high bail would be equivalent to a political witch hunt.


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