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Anti-cop man goes for youtube fame, embarrasses self, traumatizes child


In what seems to be an attempt to gain fame amongst certain anti-LEO groups, a man (with very dark circles around his eyes) intentionally staged a confrontation with Border Patrol agents at a checkpoint inside the US. It appears his goal was to antagonize the officers and capture their responses on video. Well, he got the video, but the tape only shows the man, whose Youtube account is under the name Rick Herbert, putting his family through a lot of grief for no reason.

The baiting and antagonizing of officers on video is something that is tragically becoming more and more popular among certain groups. Any American should completely stand behind transparency and accountability for those in positions of authority, but this type of thing is quickly becoming just another headache officers have to deal with on a daily basis. It’s one thing to stand back and record an incident. It’s a whole different ball game when you’re intentionally irritating, agitating, and insulting police just to try and capture a response unbecoming of an officer on film. A quick look at the verbal abuse police have had to endure during the recent protests around the country is all any logical, thinking person would need to see to know things have gone too far.

An NYPD officer is sucker-punched by a protestor.  22-year-old Yotameli Sayer was later arrested for the incident.
An NYPD officer is sucker-punched by a protestor. 22-year-old Yotameli Sayer was later arrested for the incident.


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  1. Fuck you. you know what is right and wrong and that the man was clearly in his constitutional rights which were completely ignored. There’s a reason why the general public is distrustful of law enforcement and very paranoid. this land was once great but now its WWII nazi germany all over.

    • Bunch of cry babies. How hard is it to comply to an officer or answer a few questions? I wonder how they stay motivated to protect you all (All law and military) when all you can do is cry and try to find ways to make life hard. Wow, i hope most of you trip a semi truck or train with your neck.

      • The police have become bill collectors with guns and do more harm than good. How hard is it to follow the law and I’m talking about the police. The police are so used to doing whatever the hell they want and nothing ever happening to them. It’s bullshit what they put this family throw. Since when do americans need to prove there status in there own country. These checkpoints are only about one thing, pulling every car to find shit to write tickets with no prob cause ITS BULLSHIT

      • Oh ya batman that’s what the Nazis said to. How hard is it to comply and just answer anything and everything… Also I’ve never been protected or saved by any cop. The supreme Court has ruled they have no obligation to protect us. So stop acting like they drive around and protect people all day when you know damn well they drive around to make no ey for they’re beloved city/government. This guy did nothing illegal yet he was treated like a murderer wtf is wrong with our scum bag police these days… This is what makes them scum

      • This man asked the officer a simple question too, “What is your reasonable suspicion?” with no reply from the agent. I suppose it’s ok now to harrass anyone you fuckin’ feel like harrassing. What a shame!!!

      • How hard is it for officers to respect our Constitutional rights, and not break the law? We are under no requirement to answer questions, they ARE under requirement to adhere to the protections of the Constitution, and NOTHING you can say to officers will help you in any way. They are there to make arrests, why make that easier?

    • Then don’t come calling for the police when you all need them. If you’re so distrustful of them and show blatant disregard for them, then you can handle your problems by your damn self if and when they arise. Keep poking a stick at a sleeping bear eventually you will get a response.

      • So many disgusting people here. Uphold your OATH you spineless douchebags. You serve the people! The Citizens of this country. Keep your darn egos in check. Keep violating people’s rights…. And the sleeping bear will poke back..the people are the sleeping bear you jack wagon. Not LE. …… KEEP YOUR OATH! . .

      • The cops are the ones ‘poking a sleeping bear’. Start prosecuting and pulling them permanently out of law enforcement for violating people’s rights and maybe the people will start trusting cops again.

        No one wants to call the cops these days… they sometimes just show up and shoot everyone.

    • whaaaaa everybody is picking on me. I’m going home and count my participating ribbons and play x box in my mom’s basement. lol

    • This was a random search based on national law the cops have the right to search random vehicles they could this be searching one of every 10 vehicles or every single vehicle that comes across seeing that his dog sensed something also get the right for a random vehicle search because again it is random what they can’t do is just search men’s cars or woman’s cars etc. The border patrol was in there every right what they were doing it was a random search

      • I don’t know what planet or dimension your from but there is no such law authoring warrantless searches unless a lawful arrest is made. In this case border patrol has no jurisdiction against us citizens and thus this agent was acting outside of the law.

      • Wow if this is what the police are taught the constitution is null and void…sad I thought cops were supposed to defend the constitution but anyone who reminds them of their rights is just whining and making the cops life hard…I fear for the future of this nation

      • Actually no they don’t that have no right by any means to search your vehicle they have no right to stop you at all unless your swerving your licence plate is bad or your speeding so try again allergies worthless ass hole cops are the ass holes that got beat up in high school for talking shit and people wonder why cops get shit or killed all the time we know our rights let’s cop pull me over and say he wants to search my car I’ll tell him get duckedand if he opens my door there will be hell to pay because that is invasion of private property so who is wrong in this situation the border bacon is not the guy

    • You’re a moron. Study the law and not just watch tv. The dog alert on his vehicle. Which opens the vehicle up to inspection. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it illegal or make you right

      • funny they didnt find anything and listen moron I know people who trained police dogs and had one myself and we both know how to get a drug dog to hit on a car when theres nothing there its so easy. Look up Barry Cooper on you tube and FUCK U AND HAVE A NICE DAY

      • Joey you are right if the dog alerted he had probable cause for the search. I completely agree and I am glad to see one person arguing the legality as opposed to claiming anyone who expresses the desire to not answer questions or be forced into illegal searches you give me hope that maybe some cops are left who aren’t completely ignorant of the constitution. It truly is sad to hear LEO’s respond to criticism in the manner I have seen above refusing to answer questions is not “whining” or making the cops life harder and it disgusts me to see that type of reaction if the constitution is an inconvenience to you then you are a worthless piece of garbage and serve no purpose beyond a parasite on our society. Thank you for making a logical argument and attempt at explaining the legality of the situation as opposed to blasting someone simply for not complying with a request he is constitutionally allowed to refuse to comply with.

    • To ALL cops;;;;; If you want to be the enemy of the people, just keep it up. It seems to me that you would want the people on your side when the sh0t hits the fan. But, if you/cops don’t change your attitudes, tactics and abuses. You will find yourselves in a cross fire between the American people and the muslims. You know the abuses you commit on a daily bases are going to get many more of you killed. Some where there are people taking down names of abusive and murdering cops and their families. Do you want to be on that HIT list. Well, you better think thank about it. The life of you and your families WILL be decided based on your attitude and actions used with US, the people.

      • Educate yourself first. If you are educated please tell me which law was violated? And please back it up with facts not just your opinion or thoughts.

      • @Michael Loflin: “Do you want to be on that HIT list. Well, you better think thank about it. The life of you and your families WILL be decided based on your attitude and actions used with US, the people.”

        Wow, where the hell does all of your animosity and hatred come from? You do realize you are being the definition of a hypocrite, right? Obviously it is YOU whom is biased with an attitude problem. Religious beliefs or race is not the issue here since you decided to bring Muslims into the argument. See, that is what the problem with the increasing hatred towards Law Enforcement. It is “we the people” that are projecting their own stereotypes and fears onto police. I believe in the constitution and the ideals that this country was founded on very much so. I am also not a cop. But do we need to go back to grade school and relearn how to not discriminate, judge and profile everyone? I’m sorry that concept must be too advanced for you. Let me rephrase; how about, play nicely ,boys. Those agents were just doing their job and it should be common sense that politely complying with the police will make the whole situation go smoothly. If they did not have suspicions at first, they sure as hell did seeing that guy react like a guilty man with something to hide. Put yourself in that cop’s shoes, how would you react after dealing with unruly ass clowns all day that have nothing better to do but to fight like a two year old with the law.
        To say that “every cop is a murderer with an attitude problem” is like saying that every priest is a pedophile, or that every muslim is a terrorist, every mormon is a polygmyst cult leader, every jew is a penny pincher, etc etc. Are you really that ignorant of how you come across with those horrible accusations in your comments? Stevie Wonder could see that. Not only are you a troll, but you seem to be a radical extremist in your views and hatred towards authority. Who do you think you are to state that more cops should die? The even more disgustingly disturbed part is when you proceed to claim that not only should police offiicers be shot and killed but so should their wives, children and family! You basically are making death threats, that’s real smart. I hope the cops come to take you away one day as it is is clear that are exactly what is wrong with this country. You are complaining that they are acting above and beyond the law ,which by the way, is exactly what you are doing. Do me a favor and get your head out of your butt. Since, you like to judge people, I would like to end this comment with my impression of you. That is that you’re criminally insane.

        “Good luck , sir, and by that I mean f!@k you”
        “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

    • It is obvious you know nothing about law and how or when it applies. The individual taken into custody baited the officers by trying to assert his constitutional rights. Answer me this, an individual crossing over the birder, refuses to show his ID or give his name, but refuses. How is the Border Patrol Agent supposed to know this individual is an American Citizen and not an undocumented immigrant trying to take refuge into the United States? Because he speaks English? Because he is White? Because he vehicle may have State issued plates? Because the Border Patrol Agent should just take his word for it? Please explain your rational on why you believe these Agents were in the wrong? If you are going to try to explain using the 4th and 5th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, you best have a supporting analysis.

      • Hey Michael, if you were paying attention to the video, this was all done within the borders of the U.S., the USBP checkpoint they were at is a semi-permanant checkpoint in Sierra Vista, AZ (I know the officers in the video, see them several times a month when coming back to Tucson from Sierra Vista). So, your statement of thenm crossing the border back into the US is wrong since they never even left the country (or, if they had, the border crossing is another 50 miles further south of where this was filmed).

        • James so you must also know that there is a lot of drugs and illegal aliens constantly crossing in that area. Do you have a a family of your own? You should thank this agents for trying to keep at least some drugs from reaching your kids.

          • what is a shame is that American citizens have to explain where they are going within their own borders. nobody has a problem with border patrol agents monitoring the border. but there is no good reason to harass citizens within this country’s borders. yes, it is simple to answer where you’re going. it is much easier not to ask out of respect for the freedoms every American citizen is entitled to. For law abiding citizens to travel unhindered within this nation. no citizen is required to answer where they are going, only answer for their own actions if they are criminal.

      • Come on man… If you can say what makes them supposed to believe he is a citizen… Well what makes them believe he is not your argument can go both ways. Therefore the “sibject” did nothing illegal, was within his constitutional rights so y should any citizen be treated like that especially when they didn’t even brake the law… U agree with that shit, wtf…? U agree with it till your treated like a terrorist in your own home, car, or town shit anywhere for that matter. Its messed up what these scum do to people, however at the same time of course there are bad citizens, but when the cops respond to the average citizen the same way the bad citizen does it puts them on the same level

      • We are Americans, NOT slaves , I not need to show you or tell you shit unless you suspect me of something , thats your answer

    • To those of you that believe a constitutional right was ignored please go buy a statutue book and read the legal guidelines there are several ways into a person’s vehicle that are permitted in the legal guidelines. Please educate yourself before you attempt to show your ass. In this video the officer clearly says the reasoning for it.
      1. Consent
      2.search incident to arrest
      4. Plain sight plain smell
      5. Drug dog hit.

      If you listen and watch the video drug dog is their legal reasoning for entry into the vehicle. I hope you all have a pleasent day just wanted to clear that up for the people that can’t take 5 minutes to read a page in a book before they complain about stuff.

      • According to Section 18.7 of the manual, BEFORE an inspector may constitutionally detain a traveler AT A NON-ENTRY CHECKPOINT, the inspector “MUST have reasonable suspicion that the person IS an alien AND is illegally in the United States.” The manual goes on to say: “This higher degree of suspicion arises generally in questioning persons encountered in and around the port who are awaiting persons referred to secondary. This suspicion is BASED ON QUESTIONING OF ALIENAGE ALONE!!!

        At NO time was this person asked ANYTHING more than where he was going to AND he refused to answer AS IS HIS RIGHT! It was NOT until he rightfully refused to say where he was going that they told him to go to secondary. WHERE he is going is NOT reasonable suspicion that the person IS an alien AND is illegally in the United States! When he IS actually asked his nationality he DID infact answer right away and THEN they violated his Constitutional protected 4th Amendment rights.

        Further more K-9 ” alerts have an 85% failure rate (http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/crime-courts/legal-challenge-questions-reliability-police-dogs) check it out for yourselves. HUGE lawsuit here just waiting for the right Lawyer.

      • FUNNY THEY DIDNT FIND ANYTHING AND BELIEBE ME THIS GUY WAS FILMING THIS AND HAD HIS WIFE AND KID IN THE CAR AND THEY KNEW THIS GUY FROM OTHER TIMES BEFORE THAT HE DID THIS. opps caops on sry Anyway they did this to him to prove they power and to try to teach him a leason. They should all be fired and brought up on charges. So if you sir dont like the laws then go take it up with our founding fathers.

    • If he knew anything about the procedures of the border patrol, and many other police agencies, he would know that if a dog indicates on a vehicle, consent does not have to be had. The vehicle automatically becomes part of an investigation. He thought he would be the next YouTube sensation jackass that video tapes the police but because he’s an idiot, he paid for his actions.

      • Except that the border patrols own guidelines state a need for suspicion of a crime before a drug dog is even utilized there was no suspicion since this is a checkpoint which everyone is being forced to stop at one that also makes citizens feel as though they are required to answer questions that the Supreme Court ruled they aren’t. I agree the drug dog may have hit but you kind of need a reason to use the dog in the first place this isn’t nazi Germany yet would you want someone searching through your house or car for no reason? Even if it was through the use of a dog? Seriously even being a cop this is not right.

        • so a terrorist can drive right up to our border and state he is an american citizen, not have to show id and drive right on through without our government being able to do anything but say have a nice day? rofl.

          i want to live in that world where everyone tells the truth, and we all just smile and wave. border patrol is there for a reason – to keep us safe. answer the questions and don’t be a prick.

        • Do you work for the Border Patrol Daniel? Ever wear a badge and enforce laws? At the border THAT is the REASON for the dog sniffing. Seriously, so many ignorant people who have never worn the badge.

    • Please stop unlawfully arresting, searching and detaining people. Also, I hope the man who was arrested is ok and that he successfully sues the police for violating his rights. It is time for this unlawful search and seizure to stop.

    • It’s a border patrol checkpoint, you donkey. What do you think happens when you cross a border or arrive from an international flight? You lose all rights to privacy and are allowed to be randomly searched. Try this at an airport, if you don’t believe me. People like you make it easy to hate on anti-coppers.

    • It clearly says before you pull up to declare citizenship (no jokes please) all they ask is a two simple questions and then you are off. We shouldnt make anyone’s job any more difficult than it already is. They are only protecting our borders. If you have nothing to hide just answer then simple questions, and your day will be that much easier.

    • Absolutely funy how a man saying I don’t have to answer that, a constitutional right 5th amendment upheld by the Supreme Court specifically at check points of this nature, is just “antagonizing police.” I wonder if the Jews were just “antagonizing the Geatapo” by not moving out of all of Europe. I hope some LEO’s can see through this. Even if he was trying to get a YouTube video he was within his rights and if you make an oath to uphold the constitution this should make you sick. I pray that there are some good LEO’s who wil stand up against this article and the behavior of this over zealous border agent by openly and publicly declaring your disgust by this violation of this man’s 4th and 5th amendment rights oh and not to mention the 1st amendment allowing him to make that video in the first place I hope I am not proven wrong in my belief that some of you still actually want to uphold the constitution and rule of law that made this nation great.

    • at what point do you idiots not understand that checkpoints are there to secure our border. you are the same people that bitch too many illegals are in the country. we don’t do enough to stop drugs. wah, wah, wah. how about the retard comply with every reasonable command the officer had at the checkpoint.

      i guess all the illegals can just drive up like a sonic drive thru and say they are american and not have to show id. “no i do not. what reason do you have?” it’s a bloody checkpoint entering a country your retards hahahhaha. i agree law enforcement needs to tone it down some, but there are some good cops too. this guy did his job, and the prick was looking for a quick lawsuit. serves him right.

    • Actually, the Border Patrol were well within 4th Amendment restrictions during that search. The SCOTUS have consistently held that an open-air sniff and alert of a trained narcotics K9 provides probable cause for a search. That Cop Blocking mouth breather was blatantly obstructing official business. I whole heartedly disagree with Administrative Exceptions to the 4th Amendment, but the alert of a K9 is a whole different animal. Cop Block is just a thinly veiled excuse to incite violence with little regard for reasoned debate or factual reality.

    • This man did nothing different than any other person that we’ve seen ‘flexing their rights’. He was firm but polite and did no wrong. I am frankly sickened by the reporter judging the man just because he has circles under his eyes and has bad teeth. I have circles under my eyes because I’m an author and I spend all night writing and I don’t get much sleep. Medicaid also doesn’t pay for dental work or dentures. This man was profiled and this was a clear cut and concise abuse of power. I’m sickened by both the police officers in question who wouldn’t even let the mother console the child and by the reporter for such a gross titling of this article. The only ones who should be embarrassed are the police officers and the author of this article.

    • No fuck YOU, 90% of you assholes are street corner lawyers. 50% of those work at some menial dumb ass job if at all. This scumbag had no teeth, his wife has no teeth, the car window won’t roll down on the passenger side yet he has the time to jack with the Border Patrol. Kiss my ass.

    • Absolutely right. What a blatant misrepresentation of what happened, to say HE embarrassed himself or that HE traumatized the child. The title should be “Border Patrol Agent assaults man for asserting his Constitutional Rights, then manufactures probable cause, kidnaps a woman and her child, and again violates rights by shutting off the camera”. OK, that’s a long title, but you get my point.

  2. First of all, checkpoints can go up to 100 miles from the border. That’s a lot of towns and US citizens caught in that net who didn’t do anything wrong. If we had a truly secure border, we wouldn’t have this problem.

    Second, my dad was a canine cop in Anchorage and you (and every other honest cop) know damn well that the dogs are not as reliable as the courts have been led to believe. (Nothing against the dogs. I grew up with a police dog – a malinois – and loved him like my own brother, but he was still just a dog and the animal is only as good as his handler.)

    Third, you all *need* your fellow citizens to be compassionate for what you go through every day. I know very well how hard the job can be and the toll it can take on both the officers and their families.

    I’m *not* seeing the same compassion for your fellow citizens right now. I’m asking for *you* guys to have some compassion for the innocent citizens caught within that 100 mile trap and I do have to tell you – it gets old. Very, very old. How would you feel if you were stopped and searched every freaking time you had to go to the doctor or shopping? Most of the BP agents are very polite and awesome, but you do get jerks. (just like every other organization, there are bad apples)

    Fellows, do not feed into this ‘us against them’ mentality. I know damn well how hard it is not to become cynical on the job. I really do. You see the ugliest part of humanity and it’s easy to forget that this is not the majority.

    But this attitude is only making the situation worse.

    • After they turned the camera off. The Border Patrol statement said this all happened because the dog alerted on his car, at which point he was ordered to secondary. The video clearly shows he was actually ordered to secondary before the dog approached the car. The video also shows the dog handler never stop long enough for the dog to sit (to “alert”). In other words the Border Patrol agents LIED. Then some time after turning his camera off they “magically” found marijuana “under his seat” (nowhere near where they claimed the dog alerted).

      • Even after they pulled him out of the car these thugs told him that he brought this all on himself. This had nothing to do with a dog alerting to drugs, it had to do with law enforcement who firmly believe people don’t have rights.

    • They found marijuana? Marijuana has never killed anyone. The Police Have. We can start with the S.S. and the Nazis, or we can speak on the last 10 years of American Law Enforcement.

      Your Move.

    • Right after the officer was threatened with a lawsuit, and had the chance to shut off the camera I suppose.

      It’s sickening that this can even happen on our own soil.

    • This is a sad time we live in when the people we are supposed to respect have none for the people they they swore to protect. Since 9/11 we have lost 3500 soldiers in the war but since 9/11 the police have killed over 5000 citizens. The police are more destructive then war…..sad especially when you look at the uk. They only had one death in 2014 caused by the police. America need to wake up and stand up to these people in uniforms and hold them accountable for what they do.

    • Really? So was the driver charged for possession?


      So there either wasn’t any weed or it was an amount small enough to get the cops laughed at if they showed up in court with a few flakes in an evidence bag?

    • Did he? Were you there? Do you have footage proving it? Oh, just an officers word… thats worth a lot… NOT. It’s alleged there was a small testable amount. Also not an illegal substance in California. Hence the CHP sobriety test if for no other reason than to make this look more legit. Had they let the camera roll you would assume it would only support their story but they didn’t. Why? The BP agent asked about the guys travels and the guy chose not to tell him which is clearly within his rights. All the BP can ask is if the individuals are American citizens, which they absolutely answered but they weren’t even asked that until he was being assaulted. They BP agents were butthurt thugs. How dare a citizen exercise his constitutional rights. Sickening how this website promotes the officers actions and attacks the character of someone they don’t know. Is this the typical mentality we expect from those who take an oath to protect and defend the constitution? Sorry, I hold you to a much higher standard than this drivel. Grow the fuck up.

    • Pretty obvious why there’s no author listed.

      What a disgusting display of Police bias.

      “They found marijuana in the car.”

      So what? Cite him for simple possession and be done with it. Don’t waste tax dollars on a court date/arrest for some guy who has a “dub-sack.”

      Ridiculous amount of waste going on here.

      MOVE ON to bigger issues I.E. Civil Forfeiture Laws and how SOME police (not all) are abusing the hell out of it (i.e. policing for profit).

      C’mon, LEOAFFAIRS.

      Get on the PEOPLE’s side.

    • Ooooh, a plant shown to put terminal cancers into remission, aleviate symptoms of HIV, aid in the cure of cases of depression, ease the pains of arthritis, and has, In over 1000 years of cultivation and use, caused exactly ZERO deaths from overdose. Bang up job, really. Psssssh

    • Wow pot… call the swat team!! Get a helicopter in the air. Dangerous people here. If the cop didn’t violate his rights then this might have gotten past a judge. But once his rights were violated. Anything found after should get thrown out in court. I “good” cop should be able to make the the arrest (for a harmless plant but that’s another arguement) without stomping in his constitutionally protected rights. That is if the really found pot, unfortunately cops are found lying after video is uncovered so often that the general public are scared of these thug bullies

    • Oh no Marajuana! You mean something that’s rapidly being decriminalized becuase people are waking up to the government and fucking cops are corrupt cunts who want to kill and extort you

  3. These searches are not border checks. They are conducted inside the USA. You are free to move around the country without these warrant less searches. You do not have to provide any kind of documentation unless you are being detained and or arrested. This website is a joke.

    • I agree with your comment on “you are free to move around the country. You do hav to provide documentation such as ID or DL when you get pull over by LEO. Unless you are an undocumented alien. Anyone, any conveyance or any vehicles coming to the US is subject to a search. No exception!

  4. And def don’t let people criticize your articles that encourage other law enforcement officers to keep violating people’s rights….

  5. The Leo may be authorized to ask the questions, but people are authorized to not answer in certain circumstances. Refusing does not automatically create suspicion. Assaulting the man for legally refusing is still assault. Plenty of people refuse border searches without being ripped from their vehicle. Maybe your article could suggest people not be so vigilante in killing people or assaulting them when they want to flex their rights. Maybe you should praise their patriotic rebellious attitudes as historically american. People want to love cops again, but media like this makes it difficult.

  6. Are you serious with this article? I saw no baiting or antagonizing. I saw a person clearly exercising his rights refuse being questioned and unlawful search and seizure. You do NOT assault or remove someone from their vehicle while in Uniform and if you do, your Life had better fucking be in danger. If you think people like you are going to be able to write articles like this, attempting to paint the individual being unlawfully detained, as a criminal, YOU are the criminal. To be blunt, go fuck yourself. Write some more bullshit articles like this, defending and encouraging Tyrannical activities and abuse of power. Lets see how long it take before the People get tired and stop funding your nubile webpage.

    • I agree… no baiting and no antagonizing from the driver. All of the escalation came from the BP agents. Every bit of it. Pussies with guns.

    • Im frankly amazed this site is even able to be funded on my and your dime. But then again, tgey managed to weasel MRAPS out of us taxpayers so i shouldnt be too shocked. Well said!

  7. This video clearly demonstrates a violation of this man’s 4th amendment rights under the Constitution. Whoever posted this is a licker of the boots of this Nazi, Gestapo action.

    • This action by border patrol does not violate 4th amendment. Other officers have to more rigidly follow the 4th than border patrol.

    • No his rights are secondary
      This was a BORDER crossing not the same as a traffic stop. Merely acting like a jack wagon is grounds for search. All yall constitutional lawyers might want to learn a little customs law while you’re at it. Same as when you fly.

      • This was NOT a border crossing. This was a random stop INSIDE the U.S., over 100 miles from the border. These were American citizens in a vehicle registered inside the U.S. They had no right to even stop the vehicle unless there was some probable cause to believe the occupants of said vehicle were in the country illegally. This was nothing more than a fascist muscle-flexing and there will be consequences in the long run for the officers involved. If they continue with this, there will be a pattern established that will show criminal violation of constitutional rights under the 4th Amendment, and falsifying evidence will eventually be uncovered which will impugn EVERY single case these officers were ever involved in.

      • His Rights are Primary. Sorry, but he was nor “Crossing the Border”. Perhaps you need to re-watch. He was at the AZ Check point. This was a violation period. But I guess you’re one of those “If he had nothing to hide” types. Sorry Red flags go up for me. I see Lawsuit galore on this. And possible IA investigations as well.

      • Dano

        Wasn’t this a checkpoint? Isn’t there a distinction between this and a border crossing? Seems a lot of people are confusing the two.

  8. It is “baiting” you guys to know your rights and assert them? WOW. You guys are nazis. “Show me your papers please”. No wonder so many Americans hate you.

  9. it doesn’t matter what he’s doing if hes obeying the constitution. aren’t police and other public officials suppose to be professional? there’s a double standard and that isn’t the “american” way.

    • Its not that he’s disobeying the constitution. A person, a conveyance or a vehicle all ate subject to a search when entering the USA through any port of entry. When he refused the commands he is interfering with the officer duty. Please learn the Federal Laws. The CFR and the Border Search Authority. Google them.

      • Wasn’t a port of entry, it was a checkpoint INSIDE the U.S….miles inside ( Think “San Onofre Border Patrol Checkpoint” in CA..)

  10. going for u tube fame your fucking joking unlawful thugs standing up for his rights i hope he sues the fuck out of them you fucking animals

  11. Leo’s are so funny. Making attempts at shaming anti corporate government people. Hey cops, you ARE NOT THE AUTHORITY! News flash morons, ever read court case cites? know what Stare Decisis means? The people are the authority. Man existed long antecedent to the creation of government, that which Man creates can NEVER have Jurisdiction or Authority over the Man. Read that until your little mind can comprehend it fully. Also, if you check Dun and Bradstreet, you will see that ALL alleged “government” agencies are traded on the stock market, they are NOT GOVERNMENT BODIES but corporate entities. Cops are the security gaurds, policy enforcement and NOT LAW ENFORCEMENT!! Legislation is not law!!! It is corporate regulation. There IS a movement going on in this nation to set the record straight and stop the criminal extortion of the public by you idiots and goons. Judgement day is coming and the people shall be victorious over your tyranny. Done.

    • Keep believing your sovereign citizen, “Freeman” claptrap and you’ll eventually run into the wrong cop who will take the time to properly disabuse you of this ridiculous notion that some sort of separation from government is possible to occur in this nation. As immoral as it is, if you own anything resembling real property in this nation you will be paying the government or departing said property when the Sheriff slaps a padlock on the door. Bottom line. There are rules. You may choose to disobey lawful orders and the punishment will be commensurate with the crime. The way you talk it will be awe inspiring.

      • The key phrase is “Lawful commands” As this officer had already violated the 4th amendment, the commands were no longer lawful. It doesn’t take sovereign citizenship, it takes U.S. citizenship. We have these rights.They are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. Constitutional rights aren’t separation from government, they are completely in line with government. What isn’t lawful is rogue officers using false evidence to “teach someone a lesson”. Fact is the officers already knew who this guy was and had encountered him before. They knew he was a citizen when they stopped him, first violation.

    • Legislation is law, regardless of who creates it. If you disagree with a law, write a letter to your local legislature. You are not wrong in almost all that you say however. I am an LEO and while I normally side with other LEO’s in these tough subjects, some make it hard. LEO’s are employed to protect the rights of all citizens, not to violate them. When a person gets arrested for a law violation, they should be getting arrested for violating the rights of other citizens or for disturbing the public peace as a whole. In general that is why all laws and ordinances are put in place, the protect the peace. At one time man may have been able to live without laws, however today man cannot. Laws protect the peace, and prevent anarchy.

  12. I understand that due to saving face you will deny my comments but can you at least answer my question even if it was planned we’re his rights not violated, and was this action not unbecoming? You have my student email so please respond to my question

    • No his rights were not violated due to the officer having reasonable suspicion to detain, and he could have used the five step method to explain the man’s options but no, not unbecoming.

      • Yes his rights were violated when they pulled him for secondary check on a falsified “hit” and no suspicion that he was in the country illegally. This was a border patrol agent, not a police officer, and even if he was, the same rules apply. This was a “get even” stop of a guy they had encountered before.

  13. You are cowards. You have NO voice online because you are SERVANTS of the people. Your days of getting away with abuse and murder are over. Your thin blue line is illegal and immoral. The only good cop is one who reports bad cops.

  14. Wow…this is why america is getting fed up with the pigs. Like the other dude said earlier I hope he does sue the fuck out of them. It’s shit like this that gives “leo’s” aka fuckin pigs a bad name. They think they’re abiding by the law (i’m even giving them the benefit of the doubt here) when really they’re violating the shit out of people’s rights. They then wonder why people have no respect for them, why people are beginning to revolt, and why us (you know the taxpayers that pay your salary) feel a need to record your every action. Karma is a bitch though and you’ll figure that out when all of you pigs are forced to surrender to the revolution by the people, for the people.. Just remember, We are Legion. We do not forgive and we do not forget. We ARE ALWAYS watching you..

  15. whoever’s website this is are pieces of s*** your f****** liars you don’t treat US citizens right I know you’re cops who put this s*** up you all need to have your ass is kicked f*** you!

  16. It’s hard to imagine that anybody thinks this illustrates procedure that we should be proud of paying for. Quite possibly, leoaffairs.com feels that any video of a uniformed officer paints the officer in a good light. I’m afraid not.

    Why did the fat one reach into the car before answering the driver’s question? That was unnecessarily provocative.

  17. We don’t have rights, we have privileges. You want to learn about your precious rights, lookup Japanese-Americans 1942.

    And he was being unnecessarily suspicious. So people complain this suspicious behaving man should not have been stopped and checked out to make sure he is not a threat, because that violates nonexistent rights. So what if they didn’t stop him because “that violates his rights”? And he turns out to be a bomber that kills several people or guns down a mall because he’s off his gourd? Then you’ll hear complaints the law enforcement didn’t do a good enough job that they could have stopped him. Better safe than sorry. These protocols and rules were designed for a reason. They’re not always the best and we don’t always have the best people in law enforcement but in most cases our law enforcement officers and military put themselves at risk daily to ensure we have a safe environment.

    • Anyone who gives up freedom for perceived security is living in a delusion. The security you look for is not in the hands of those who would violate your liberty for their own agenda

  18. Maybe the anti LEO movement wouldn’t exist if you jerks would stop violating the rights of citizens, stop killing unarmed people, and actual punish police that commit crimes. YOU ARE NOT THE AUTHORITY!!!

  19. Are you serious with your headline? The man in no way appeared to anything more than someone asserting their constitutional rights. Yet the LEOs depicted here seemed hell bent on denying him those rights, hell bent on humiliating him in front of his wife and child, and appeared to be pissed off that their so-called authority was even questioned. These agents, and most cops seen abusing their authority, usually violently, sometimes fatally, are why the majority of people in this country outright HATE you. Gone are the days when “To protect and serve” actually meant something. You people are nothing more than bullies. I don’t know the outcome of this video, but like the VICTIM states in the video, I hope he does “sue the shit” out of those agents and their agency. In fact, I would love to see them brought up on criminal charges, and sent to jail. LEOs suck.

  20. first off I tend to think the pigs should be embarrassed not the law abiding citizen. This shows how ignorant law enforcement can be. You post this video to gain support for officers? Yet this is a perfect example of why the hatred only grows deeper by the day. It’s amazing that this video was posted by LEO, because this makes officers everywhere look terrible. But then again it’s not hard to make power hungry fuck tards look stupid. Thanks for reminding us all why the system is broken and reminding us all why America hates law enforcement. Fuck you

  21. If any of you arrogant morons were paying ANY attention, his canine alerted to the man’s truck, thereby giving the officer REASONABLE SUSPICION to detain the driver of said vehicle. You are correct, no one needs to provide identification or state where they are going to/coming from, but a) how difficult is it to just go with the flow and enjoy the rest of your day? And b) why as fellow citizens do you have to criminalize another citizen for doing their job properly? How about cracking open a penal code or vehicle code before going on pointless, uneducated rants about a profession you are to ignorant to understand. Shame on all of you.

    • Dog can be enticed to alert on just about any vehicle that an officer wants him to. It is the interpretation of the handler that creates the so-called suspicion. The problem is that this was a checkpoint for illegal immigrants and the primary and only legal reason for enhances scrutiny is suspicion of being in the country illegally. The K-9 is supposed to be part of the secondary enhanced scrutiny. The term conveyance refers to commercial vehicles, not private personal vehicles. Look up the definitions in the U.S.Code.

  22. Wrong, @$$hat! The POLICE traumatized the child! The POLICE broke the law by violating rights! His CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. When you all answer to the people for your TREASONOUS violations against those very same people and the Constitution, I will cheer when all LEOs who’ve violated rights (to the point of murdering people who exercised those rights) get what the laws says is the sentence for those guilty of treason.

    LEOs are nothing more than scumbag revenue generators for the oppressive state. Paid with our money to steal our money at gun point. You oath breaking scum should be ashamed of yourselves. How you can wake up every morning and look your selves in the mirror is beyond me. Then again, I am a descent person, unlike you LEOs and your idiot supporters.

  23. i come from a different country, if we are given a request by a police officer, we obey it. If this is a border checkpoint, I would drag this fucker out of the car by his hair without undoing his seatbelt and remind him that we are protecting good citizens from drug runners, general arseholes and parole dodgers. What is the problem with checking if you are an illegal immigrant? Do you have something to hide? It would make me want to check. The old story is, treat people how you want to be treated. Be polite, assist the authorities etc. get your back up and be an arse about your rights, get what you get when you raise suspicion!

  24. Are you fucking serious? I watched the video and in NO WAY was this man antagonizing these government sanctioned “THUGS” .You should be ashamed and embarrassed with this article!! Have you idiots noticed that not one person has agreed with your delusional interpretation of what ACTUALLY happened. WOW WTF kinda drugs are YOU “PEOPLE” on!!?..You might want to view that video again just to make sure you are commenting on the correct one!!!..Good Luck in your search for others who believe that those cops were operating justly. BECAUSE THEY WEREN”T

  25. You know, regardless of whether or not this man had the RIGHT to not answer the questions asked of him before being permitted to re-enter the U.S., this is called “baiting” because he is intentionally being uncooperative. First, had he simply answered the basic questions asked of him, none of that would have happened, being polite and cooperative goes a long way whether with a police officer or ordering your McNuggets at McDonalds. Second, the Border Patrol are there to PROTECT U.S. CITIZENS by preventing criminals and terrorists from entering the U.S. to do us harm. If this man’s intentions were good (not an attempt to bait, be a douche bag, or bring in illegal narcotics), he would have cooperated and answered their questions since he had nothing to hide and obviously understood (as a US citizen), the agents are there trying to protect everyone. Lastly, I didn’t see anywhere in the video where this man produced identification proving who he says he was and proving he was a U.S. citizen – which is a requirement by law to enter the U.S. and not his right to refuse. So unless all you cop haters posting here think we should just let anyone and everyone cross the border (even those who act suspicious by being uncooperative like this man and fail to produce ID to even prove citizenship), I think these agents did their jobs perfectly and I’m glad they have the guts to do their job to make sure the rest of us stay safe.

    • First and foremost, the man was not re-entering the country. He was inside the country, over a hundred miles from the border, which he never crossed.Second, a citizen does not have to produce any papers proving who he is. This is a part of the Bill of Rights, guaranteed in the Constitution. He NEVER crossed the border, don’t you get that?

  26. People do know that a law passed through congress last year that allows a cop to bypass that citizens refusal for a search. Therefor if a cop is suspicious, he has every legal right to force a search wether that citizen likes it or not. People need to follow up on the government and laws that are passing. There are hundreds of bills that get refused everyday but could easily be accepted and changed the way we live just a little bit. But they’re not required to force this knowledge onto you that a bill has passed. I’m in the U.S Army so I’m always watching what our goverment does. If this guy had nothing to hide. Then just let the cop look around and find nothing. Make him look stupid instead of yourself. All you people that say “fuck the police we don’t need em” you guys are utterly stupid. Without the police we’d have nothing but anarchy. People would take whatever they want, whenever they want. We’d be just like any other 3rd world country. The army is like your global police for the U.S and without the army this country would be screwed. You stupid U.S citizens just grew up in a shitty time period where everyone else is wrong but you. I’m done rantin to stupid people who just don’t get the laws right and think they know everything.

  27. I left the USA many years ago, although I still have a U.S. Passport, born and raised there. I have lost my country. I had a great U.S. history and civics teacher in the 8th grade, who was a Marine veteran. He is now deceased. We spent 10 whole weeks studying the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That was in 1963. I never plan to return to America even for a visit. The place disgusts me, as does this website.

  28. Border checkpoints and searches are not governed by 4th Amendment reasonable suspicion. That guy’s objection might have been valid had he been stopped by your municipal or state police, but he simply didn’t understand who he was trying that stuff on. The 4th Amendment simply does not apply.

  29. look at all the idiot posting here. Go live in Russia or South America and you will see what REAL police brutality is. Dog alerted on dudes car, he was evasive with the officer and paid the price. Maybe aggressive for sure with the cops tactics, but they are not going to take chances with drug dealers posing as a “normal family” blah blah blah.

  30. Once the police dog gives notice that there are drugs in the car the police have every right to detain you and search your vehicle….. The officers noticed that the “gentleman” was not going to behave so the best response was to remove him from the car…. I apologize in advance if i offended anyone that lives off welfare and hasnt been given and education to understand this. I dislike cops in general but this wasnt the wrong way to handle it. If anything it was bit too friendly. No need for anyone to risk their lives on someone trying to make a point.

  31. This site is obviously in favor of the cops through right or wrong, like a bully whose only friend is his mother that backs him up. These pigs are pathetic

  32. (He had dark circles around his eyes) You ever stop to think that maybe he just worked a double and had to turn around to take his wife to the doctor? You Leo’s always want to think the worst of people. Its shit like this that people doesnt trust cops. Your own jury system says people are innocent until proven guilty but doesnt get treated that way. He wasnt violent so why assualt him while hes in his car? You cant put any body part in his car without consemt or a warrent or if you see anything that could be considered life threatning. Would you trust me if I assaulted you all the time. Would you trust someone you see on youtube assualting people all the time?

  33. The border search exception is a doctrine of United States criminal law that allows searches and seizures at international borders and their functional equivalent without a warrant or probable cause.[1]

    This doctrine is not actually an exception to the Fourth Amendment, but rather to the Amendment’s requirement for a warrant or probable cause.[1][2] Balanced against the sovereign’s interests at the border are the Fourth Amendment rights of entrants. Not only is the expectation of privacy less at the border than in the interior,[2][3] the Fourth Amendment balance between the interests of the Government and the privacy right of the individual is also struck much more favorably to the Government at the border.[4] This balance at international borders means that routine searches are “reasonable” there, and therefore do not violate the Fourth Amendment’s proscription against “unreasonable searches and seizures”.

    Despite federal law allowing certain federal agents to conduct search and seizures within 100 miles of the border into the interior of the Unietd States,[5] the Supreme Court has clearly and repeatedly confirmed that the border search exception applies only at international borders and their functional equivalent (such as international airports).[4](citing United States v. Martinez-Fuerte, 428 U.S. 543, 562-563(1976))

    • This 100 mile rule is also just a random number. It still is supposed to apply to entrants to the country, not U.S. citizens who never left the country. Federal definitions also only cover commercial vehicles used for transportation and conveyance. Not personal motor vehicles.

  34. I love how this website portrays the officers harrassing and upsetting this family as the family’s fault. As if those officers are not responsible for their actions because they’re operating under color of law. Clearly, if the officer is following policy and procedure then fine. But no one can argue that the policy and procedure is not unconstitutional, nor is it morally sustainable. These guys think they are the good guys. That’s the saddest delusion going on here.

  35. how dare you try to make it out as if the police did everything right. Your the problem, this is complete propaganda. to whom it may concern, go fuck yourself

  36. Well he did reach in to unlock the door. The biggest mistake was turning off the mans personal recorder the DOJ had stated this is not acceptable and a 1st amendment violation. This officer is now subject to Federal civil rights suit. Never touch a camera!

  37. I see a boarder check point in this video. If anyone is coming across-the-board. Then they need to answer some questions. She said she was at a doc appointment. When asked if there was medication in the car which has to be stated if bringing it to america. She could not answer. Now how could you not know if you just came. Cops are they way they are alot of times because of people like this. I am in the military and there is policy that I do not like but I have to fallow as long as it does not put any one in danger. Got it if this was a check point up in the states but this is on the border. Big difference. It is not easy to keep America safe. People like this just make the job harder. If you are going to fuck with the BP don’t do it with a kid. The guy needs his ass beat for what just happened in front of that child.

    • They weren’t coming into the country. This was a secondary checkpoint located 100 miles inside the country. They never left the country.

  38. Legal checkpoint, qualified K9 handler and K9. K9 alerted. Don’t drive around with illegal drugs. Don’t do them around your kids. On your own time, own place do whatever but don’t bitch for getting caught. Its a game and not everyone wins. If it was pot that was found go and move to a state that allows it. Follow the law or suffer the consequences. If its any drug that kills you, go have fun and die, just make sure your kid cant see it or find you.

  39. This site is all PRO swine Propaganda…. Tell us more about how you protect and serve your Masters… not the people…. Try that sh=t with the wrong person and see what happens…

  40. Stop resisting! I’m trying to protect and serve you! You’re under arrest for not letting me protect and serve you. Quit resisting!

  41. All this shows is the Police States of North America showing the grossly negligently perverse omnipotent overeach of authority by law “officers”. Law enforcement “officers” operate under the COLOR of law NOT according to law.

  42. Everybody is talking about rights being violated, blah blah..Hey gents how about this, let’s not give a reason to get hammered by the border patrol. What about he answer the simple question and move along..these comments I think, totally missing the point..I’ve been through checkpoint many times..answer the question, pop the trunk..and move along..that’s it..it only escalated when he decided not to answer and started saying crap about his rights, he was totally looking for a little youtube fame..The officer is not asking for details of exactly where he is going? I mean who gives a crap if you don’t want to answer..lie him if you want, the Leo doesn’t care..making something out of nothing..

    • Right, cops don’t have to follow procedure when someone pisses them off by not following an illegal order. Cops should be able to act like belligerent children and violate people’s rights.

      What do they think this is, the USA?

      Hope it happens to you one day.

      You douchebag.

  43. This man was exercising his constitutional rights — and it appears the BP officers get off on terrorizing children.

  44. You pigs are a fucking joke. I have ZERO sympathy when I hear about a cop being shot, since you assholes have killed more than 5 THOUSAND Americans since 9/11. This is not what I fought for in the military. Fuck all of you.

  45. I forwarded this article to Rick so that he and his legal team can see how this story is being propagated among police officers on the web.

    On September 30, 2004, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law CA State Senate Bill 1449, effectively reducing the charge of possession of up to one ounce of cannabis from a misdemeanor to an infraction, similar to a traffic violation, with a $100 fine and no mandatory court appearance or criminal record.[1] The law became effective January 1, 2011.

    Dick fuck head cops know this but still think it is ok to make an arrest over a $100 violation? THis is why cops are a joke and no one likes them.

    Oh…. and the dark around his eyes??? WTF does that detail have to do with anything besides a shining example of how police profile everyone. If he was black I guess he should have been shot cause we all know that if you are black you are a thug…..RIGHT!!!!!???

  46. These are hired thugs that work outside of the law just like the Gustapo did in Nazi Germany. You people are proud of this new world order abuse? Just remember this you psychotic goons, when you’re done breaking the law on us you’ve paved the way for everyone to be violated, kidnapped and accused including you.

  47. Pathetic. Screw “border control”. You pledge to protect the constitution and yet you violate it. There was no “baiting” in that video. The cop reached into his window to unlock his door out of aggression because he would not reveal where he was headed. He does not have to reveal where he is headed, where he has been, or anything else like that. Remember, some of us know the law and shooting a cop has been justified when someone feels threatened. I would have in that case felt threatened for my life. The whole seizing of money and merchandise by the cops is unlawful and I hope he does sue the so called “border control” very soon.

  48. Again cop circle the wagons in an effort to take attention off their abuse of the average citizen and constant violation of peoples rights. Shame on you all. This mans rights where clearly violated especially with the bullshit excuse that the “dog hit” on the car. You people (cops) make me sick with your gang thug mentality. Hopefully the courts will see the truth as the rest of us without the badge and gun do and you will get what you deserve.

  49. The twisting of the driver’s knowledge and exercising of his rights is shameful and disgusting. I know not all police act this way, but your attempt to smear this man who was assaulted by a border patrol goon who was butthurt because the driver didnt pull down his pants and bend over when barked at. THIS is why people do not/will not ever trust you in ANY type of capacity. You are civilians, you are one of US. You dont seem to realize that YOUR FAMILIES are subject to the same treatment. Im pretty sure if it was your daughter, son, wife, brother, father, mother, etc, you wouldnt stand for it. But then again, that’ll NEVER happen to you or them, will it?! Shame on you, for blaming a VICTIM for the ordeal he was put through. This is not nazi Germany, this is not the ussr…. this is the USA, where people are SUPPOSED to be FREE to go WHERE we want, HOW we want, WHEN we want, without having to answer to ANYONE for it! Get out from behind your badges and come back to reality yall… there is still time for you.

  50. Wow, douchebag cops here. What happened to stringing up assholes like this from a tree or leaving them in a ditch? cuz news flash people, going against the constitution while in a government position like this is treason.

    Punishment for treason? Death motherfucker.

  51. “Any American should completely stand behind…” the upholding and defending of the Constitution. Try it sometime!

  52. You guys aught to be ashamed of yourself. I hope this family sues the shit outta you. You law enforcer thugs need to be locked up for kidnapping among other things.

    Small penis + big ego =s careen in LE

  53. You know full well that you pigs violated this guys rights. He was fully within his rights and of course, you pigs violated his rights. Fuck you pigs!!!!!! Keep lying to make yourselves look good. That’s the only thing you’re good at anyway. And you wonder why people hate you and don’t trust you… Fucking morons.

  54. All you assholes need to shut up. The officer assaulted NO ONE. The kid is just an ass looking to provoke police. They did nothing but their jobs. I sincerely hope the kid receives this treatment EVERY TIME he tries this bullshit.

  55. Clearly leo’Leo’s need to learn some basic knowledge of our constitution. Cops expect you to OBEYED all orders, lawful or not. and if you say it was lawful because the k9 alerted, anyone with a dog knows that any pup will do what the owner wants it to. A simple hand wave or flick by the handler and the k9 will alert. It’s no wonder that there is no trust. The sooner LEO’s realize the problem and stop defending the bad cops, the sooner society can heal

  56. Was this supposed to make you guys look good? This was a perfect example of why people are turning against law enforcement. Thanks for giving further evidence of how you all treat innocent American citizens.

  57. If this is ‘the voice of ale enforcement online’ than all Americans who love the freedoms granted in our constitution are in serious trouble. This looked like the unlawful assault of a man who wanted his rights to be respected. Disgusting!

  58. He was NEVER informed that there was an “alert”. This was done out of pure anger and emotion. Lay off the juice boys. You’re there to protect legal citizens. Do your fucking jobs. All I see here is a few guys being bullies. Even the child was afraid of the people that are supposed to be “heros”.

  59. This video clearly shows the awful state our country is in and how we have allowed the police to treat all people as if they are criminals first. The title is laughable and full of fallacys. The article is worse. Why do cops think we have to answe their questions? We don’t have too and you can’t arrest me or search me because I won’t . Why is this even a thing?

  60. Lets say he had all the right to do what he did he violated 10 U.S. Code § 892 – Art. 92. Which is disobeying a direct order

  61. This article is disgusting. This man was doing absolutely nothing wrong and as well within his rights to do and say everything he did here. This officer was a total antagonistic asshole and everyone sticking up for his actions should be ashamed of themselves.

  62. Seriously? So bags under his eyes was probable cause to illegally enter his vehicle, blatantly assault him, stomp on his rights, and illegally search his car? In front of his 4 year old child?!?! Good job, piggy pig, you just disenfranchised a child from your gang. What if that child ends up a victim and has to call the cops?? Will she? Will she worry about what those cops will do to her? Or her dog? Going for youtube fame??? More like keeping you nazis honest. YOU’RE Whats wrong with america today!!! Next youll say the dog “hit” on his car. Ball-fetch commands are cheap!! I bet you felt like such a tough guy assaulting a man in front of his 4 year old. Biiiiig tough guy. You make me want to vomit. Kill yourselves.

  63. This is why people hate you guys. Learn to follow the constitution and use a little common sense, then when you see a fellow citizen exercising his rights, you won’t make stupid statements like “he was antagonizing cops.”

  64. And you as police officers, wonder why people are recording you, have absolutely zero trust in you and despise you: well this video highlights why.

    Let me ask, are there good cops?

    No, because if there are corrupt cops and the good cops say and do nothing , then they are classified as bad cops, because they allow the corruption to continue. Police need to stand up for peoples rights, as people across this country are and stop playing “oh look at these bad Americans for questioning our authority.

  65. This is ridiculous. Every piece of evidence I see showing how cops seem to think they are the law is pushing me further and further away from trusting them. I respect what they do, I respect their bravery, and I respect how many problems criminals give them, however, I do not respect how they assume EVERYONE is guilty. It’s a shame when the criminals or the ones breaking the law are no longer the only ones who fear the police. What a dad state our country is in at the law enforcement level… There is no excuse for this behavior. The standards for becoming a cop should be just like any other professional job: GET A DEGREE SO YOU CAN ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT IT IS YOU SWORE TO PROTECT.

  66. Another example of sociopath LEOs, attempting to control free humans. Only a sociopath (one that desires power and control over other humans) become LEOs aka Mafia Thug Enforcers. Why do LEOs hate freedom and happiness?

  67. Officer who pulled man out of car please please meet me in a crossfit ring anywhere anytime I will gladly pay you $1000 for just 20 minutes of your pathetic useless time you fuckin goon NAZI piece of shit!

  68. there is nothing “anti-cop” about exercising your right not to answer questions. the nazi pig started reaching into his car before he had even given any lawful orders. “can you park right there, please?” is a question or a request, not an order. he reached into the car illegally and then when they realized they were being filmed they manufactured the drug dog hit. the dog was walked behind the car for one second. he didn’t alert to anything. way to go leoaffairs.com for taking the wrong side of this issue.

  69. LeoAffairs you can shut your damn mouth. He has every right to ask what the probable cause is behind being stopped. The officers have NO right to demand search, OR to rip him from the car. EVERY officer is to GIVE probable fucking cause when asked, AT THE TIME OF THE QUESTION. not 2 fucking days later. YOU stop me, im gonna fucking demand why, and you better answer me followed by Sir.

  70. As a US Citizen that lives on the border, this crap gets old. How would you like it if no matter what direction you drove out of your hometown you were going to be stopped and held up for at least a minute at a checkpoint, but it’s usually more like 5-10 minutes? Sometimes 20 minutes sitting in line. Inside of the country, not coming across the border. Not only that, I’m always asked where I’m going, where I’m coming from, and what I do for a living. It’s none of their damn business and it’s bullshit. I am not an anti-cop/LE guy. Like I said, I live on the border, and I call the BP on a regular basis about illegals coming through my property. I don’t hate them, but this is waaaay over the line.

  71. Are you serious?
    It truly is amazing how folks see things based on their own prejudices. This man had his rights clearly violated by a thug in with authority. Yet you actually can’t see that. Wow.

  72. The LEO mission statement says knowledge is a powerful thing and can be used to control a stuation. This article sounds like they are complaining about camera use because it gives them headaches! Cameras are getting the knowledge out to everyone. Why did they turn his camera off?

  73. These border patrol agents should be ashamed of themselves. Are you telling me that cops look at this video and feel good about the actions of these “professionals” of “law enforcement”? This is America, the land of the free! Remember? Remember the U.S.S.R, and the things the people living there had to put up with? Pretty much the same as you see in this video. We all live in this country, in this world. Together. We’re all in the same boat. This man isn’t a criminal or a terrorist, he’s just a man with a family. It’s pretty obvious that our “law enforcement” has turned into the very thing it’s supposed to be against. Just remember, if the citizens of this country are afraid to call the cops to help, we have to help ourselves. And, if the police isn’t protecting and serving the people, what good are they?

  74. This article is what is wrong in America today. This mentality is sad and i feel sorry for all the good police officers out there that have to put up with the propaganda your pushing and are embarrassed to be a part of the Nation wide force that thinks this is Ok. Most of my friends (7 of them at least including my roommate) have been cops for 10+ years and they are just hoping something changes before they get killed, framed or just lied about in reports to cover up the bad apples on the force. Apparently your editor is one of those since he/she thinks it’s Ok to violate someones constitutional right because these cops have a chip on their shoulder. Don’t worry I’ll be there (like I have the last 8 times in the past 3 years) when they cry on my shoulder asking me why their colleagues keep antagonizing the public, creating more violence toward the good cops because they want to continue to do illegal things while they are working. You wonder why cops get killed “out of no where” while making routine stops? It’s because those people they are pulling over have already been harassed, framed, lied about, wrongly incarcerated and had their rights violated way to many times by POS officers. Now that they are being pulled over by a “honest cop” they just assume they will be violated again (as would you, violate my rights same on you, violate my rights again, shame on me) and the good cop pays. Don’t sink to convicts level. Please use common sense and help out the good cops you have left.

  75. This website promotes a totalitarian police state ideology and does not support the United states constitution. We are waking up and we will fight until you dirty cops paid by our tax money are held to the same standard of accountability as the innocent and peaceful citizens you brutalize and that pay your check. You worthless scumbags

  76. •The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects Americans from random and arbitrary stops and searches.
    •According to the government, however, these basic constitutional principles do not apply fully at our borders. For example, at border crossings (also called “ports of entry”), federal authorities do not need a warrant or even suspicion of wrongdoing to justify conducting what courts have called a “routine search,” such as searching luggage or a vehicle.
    •Even in places far removed from the border, deep into the interior of the country, immigration officials enjoy broad—though not limitless—powers. Specifically, federal regulations give U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) authority to operate within 100 miles of any U.S. “external boundary.”
    •In this 100-mile zone, Border Patrol agents have certain extra-Constitutional powers. For instance, Border Patrol can operate immigration checkpoints.
    •Border Patrol, nevertheless, cannot pull anyone over without “reasonable suspicion” of an immigration violation or crime (reasonable suspicion is more than just a “hunch”). Similarly, Border Patrol cannot search vehicles in the 100-mile zone without a warrant or “probable cause” (a reasonable belief, based on the circumstances, that an immigration violation or crime has likely occurred).
    •In practice, Border Patrol agents routinely ignore or misunderstand the limits of their legal authority in the course of individual stops, resulting in violations of the constitutional rights of innocent people. These problems are compounded by inadequate training for Border Patrol agents, a lack of oversight by CBP and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the consistent failure of CBP to hold agents accountable for abuse. Thus, although the 100-mile border zone is not literally “Constitution free,” the U.S. government frequently acts like it is.

    • Furthermore, the federal definition of what vehicles clearly exclude privately owned motor vehicles used for personal transportation

  77. Group of narcissistic power-tripping thugs with guns antagonize innocent peaceful man. Man refuses to answer ridiculous questions. Thugs assault peaceful man. Thugs write article in an embarrassing attempt to humiliate peaceful man.

  78. I don’t think that the driver used good judgment in refusing to answer the questions asked of him. Especially with a child and wife in the car. If he had just said, “we live in Bumpkinville and we are just headed home” he would probably have been passed through. Why would any reasonable person not do that? It seems to me that his wife was expecting him to refuse to answer questions. I agree that the BP agent was a little high handed in his action though. Unless he had reasonable suspicions (other than the guy acting like an idiot) he should have taken the rudeness and passed him through. Now, both sided will probably go to court and the judge will throw it out. If they found anything in the car, it will probably be thrown out as an illegal search. BUT, I still think the driver acted like an idiot with something to hide.

  79. I recently went from Canada to the US and was pulled for inspection. The guy at the border took himself a little too seriously but nothing crazy. Having nothing to hide I pulled over and went in. It wasnt busy and I was seen promptly. The guy that interviewed me couldnt have been nicer. We had a quick conversation about what I did, I shook his hand and continued on my way thinking differently. This behaviour you applaud not only violated this mans basic rights according to your constitution but tars the reputation and hard work of border agents like the man who welcomed me into your country. Your attitude stinks to high heaven and I know he would be ashamed of you and outraged by this behaviour. YOU and the Nazis who run this site are the problem. May you rot.

  80. “Anti-cop man goes for youtube fame, embarrasses self, traumatizes child”

    let me fix that for you

    American man breaks no laws yet is still attacked buy cops for no reason,traumatizes child
    there all better and all true now

  81. Lol this country is done for!!…we have the illusion of freedom…it`s so sad! maybe if the police knew or cared about the constitution they gave an oath to uphold it wouldn`t be this way… Shame on this website for this post people like you are the problem not the solution!

  82. This is just going to back fire on you. The public is starting to see you guys for what you are and boy is it not good. You’ll always have supporters in family/friends/coworkers but the rest of the community of people not part of your cop culture are going to be insulted and taken aback by the incompetence and ignorance shown by the greater police force in the U.S.

    Lately I have seen people who used to unabashedly support LEOs turning against them because they are finally seeing the enemy at work, right here, within our borders. You are becoming a force that is hated not respected. That is why things appear to you and your cop culture buddies as going “too far”, but what you don’t see is that you are the ones “going too far.” So expect more of it.

    Thus, this blog and this article does nothing but perpetuate the growing disdain for police in the country and shows just how easy it is for the LEO to break constitutional rights just to alleviate an “annoyance”. I’m sure it feels good to be above the law but that’s only going to bite you guys in the brick layer.

    Remember cop. You work for us. When you pretend that you do not work for us and stop following the laws of the land that you are sworn to enforce and instead infringe whenever your black hearts feel like it, remember that the rest of the world is watching in greater force than we’ve ever seen and the verdicts is stacking against you.

    In the future, if things do not change from within your ranks, starting with the beat cop, then you can expect more resistance until it becomes historically what it always becomes. That resistance will grow in ways that will only get worse and worse. The results of which will be on your hands cop, not ours.

  83. I figured the cop could have answered some of his questions, but the cop isn’t wrong. The canine dog “hit” on the car and the guy was confrontational. Oh well…..

  84. The police officer who opened his door is an ass. Anyone who cannot see how his rights are being violated should be deported. The officers who try to blame the man for having weed are hypocrites, they broke our bill of rights for the stop, a far worse offence than someone smoking some marijuana

  85. I’m trying to understand why the officer in the video found it necessary to violate this man’s 4th amendment rights.

  86. What an incredibly twisted point of view! The man is simply a certain his constitutional rights. You will remember this as what you swore to uphold and defend in your oath. Obviously this border patrol agent was on the ego trip as are the majority of law-enforcement officers. I don’t think there is any department of any branch of law-enforcement that condones reaching into a car and unlocking the door in a situation like this. It is clearly assault.

  87. Really? He was baiting the cops? You guys are a special kind of stupid aren’t you? That man had every right to ask the questions that he did. What I see are a bunch of thugs that ignore civil rights, have no probable cause, and low life scums that terrified this family. Who gives a flying fuck if the man had dark circles under his eyes? Is that against the law? As someone that has served in Kosovo, Kuwait and Iraq, this abuse of power makes me sorry that I did. What a disgrace to law enforcement and may I echo the sentiments above…..FUCK YOU LEO AFFAIRS. You don’t represent integrity, ethics or morality. You are a criminal enterprise. FUCK OFF!

  88. Sorry but dogs will hit on command. They have been trained to do that. Wake up people. The fact that they would post this shows the lack of disrespect for the public. You know … We the people.

  89. Only in you twisted mind is an American citizen, exercising his constitutional rights “anti-cop.”

    There is nothing in that video that hints, in the smallest way, that the man is “anti-cop.”

  90. They need something to do since they can’t stop illegals. What is sad is this has been going on for the last 50+ years. Judges and Attorneys just say the Constitution is just an old piece of paper and now we are at this point.

  91. Plain and simple this guy is obviously staging the entire event should have cooperated and been on his way instead of making a difficult and dangerous job more difficult! He knew the dog hit on his car, he is a fool and a dirt bag and should be charged with child endangerment for the trauma he caused that child! I hope they thumped him good! I have been through these check points numerous time and have NEVER been detained let alone dragged out of my vehicle. A little mutual respect and cooperation goes a long way!

  92. Its funny cops keep talking about how the drug dog hit, cops more than anyone should know the massive failure rate that k9’s have when it comes to hitting on vehicles. Is this the dogs fault or is it the officers fault for enticing the k9 into “hitting” on the vehicle. I have a hard time believing its the dog that’s the one in the wrong. Dogs are trained to do a certain thing and officers have abused the k9 as a way to circumvent the need for a warrant. How dogs are still allowed as a way to violate your rights just shows how corrupt to the core the system is.

  93. I am ashamed to say this but the idiot in his video is the birth father of my stepson. He is a career welfare collector who doesn’t pay child support and has just enough contact with his son to mess his head up. My stepson has been placed in a juvenile detention facility because of issues stemming from him wanting contact with his birth father, which he hardly receives. Birthday and Christmas cards/phone calls are also a rarity. Rick Herbert is a leech on society who has money to buy a go-pro camera to harass Law Enforcement, has money to buy a camper, drive all over creation, and pay for the drugs he is on, but doesn’t have money to buy a plane ticket to come to Pennsylvania to see his first born son when he needs him the most. If he spent half the effort on his son that he does on harassing the police, my stepson might be home with his family where he belongs instead of halfway across the state of Pennsylvania. Rick Herbert is not a hero or a victim. He is a terrible person who is always looking for the easy way out, and his newest trick is trying to get rich off of harassing the police. In another video he posted, a police officer came knocking on Rick’s door because he saw Rick enter a dark house in black pants and a black hoodie. The area that he was living in was suffering a rash of burglaries, and the officer explained to him at the front door that he just wanted to make sure that Rick was someone who belonged where he was and not someone who was robbing the house. Rick’s reaction was very similar to the one in this video, which was completely unnecessary. Again, Rick Herbert is not a hero or a victim. He is a disease that looks for every easy way out instead of accepting his responsibility, including letting another man be the one to pick up the shattered pieces of a son he strings along. He doesn’t believe in anything he spouts off about in this video. It’s just a get rich quick scheme that he thinks he has mastered.

    • All of what you said may well be true, and i don’t care enough to look any of it up. But, if your ad hominem attack against him is your best argument justifying these officers actions and the attitudes they take towards the population, then you are only displaying your own lack of character. Good job.

      So is it actually your position that because he is a deadbeat father and (by your account alone) all around shitty person, he should submit to what amounts to an unlawful detention, search, harassment, or anything else officers can dream up? Am i understanding you correctly? I hope not. Your argument, if we are to call it that, is weak. try harder next time.

  94. Rush Limbaugh just linked to this video with a one word description, “Sickening.”

    If you are representing law enforcement you need to think about getting into another career. You don’t have the temperament for the job.

  95. I don’t even know why they are called police officers rather then revenue collection officers Americans have woken up to the heavy handed penalty free actions of revenue officers and as a nation we are sick of the special treatment of what amounts to goon squads. come the revolution the payback is gonna be no fun for them many will be ditching their uniforms in the street and trying to blend into the crowd for safety when that day comes their eyes will turn the color of frozen meat and they will wish they were anything but a revenue officer God Bless the new American Revolution!

  96. Anyone who knows anything about legal searches KNOWS this Border Patrol copper is in deep doodle! If there was probable cause he is legally required to say so…PERIOD. Without such the cop is in violation and will be deal with accordingly. This type of overreach CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be tolerated for an instant!

  97. What a horribly written article. Propaganda that Joseph Goebbles would approve of. Never a mention of the fourth amendment, or the constitution. He had “dark circles around his eyes” as though that is probable cause. The justification of the dog indicating on a vehicle is not enough for me. Study behavioral psychology for five minutes and you will find the handler can cause the dog to indicate without even being cognizant of that fact. People in this country need to wake up. Law abiding citizens are not your enemy. Oh and don’t forget this situation is because of the failed immoral war on drugs.

  98. This is a very pathetic and transparent attempt to spin a man having his rights violated as ‘his fault’.

    So WHAT if it was a set up? Guess what? All the agent had to do was FOLLOW PROCEDURE which he clearly did not, and there would have been NO ISSUE.

    By trying to literally blame the victim in this case instead of doing the ADULT thing and condemning the officer’s FAILURE to follow policy, you are only proving that law enforcement cannot be responsible and professional.


    You want people to respect law enforcement? Then punish the cops that fail to follow the law.

  99. Crap like this makes me suspicious of every law enforcement person. Go to the border and stop illegals before a citizen defends himself against your unlawful actions. Sad.

  100. You people exemplify the problem EXACTLY. If the title of this story is how you see these events then you are beyond redemption – and what’s worse is YOU KNOW IT.

    No excuse. You have no right to ask where people came from or where they are going. To use this as an excuse to ABUSE THIS MAN and TERRIFY THAT CHILD – and then blame the victims is BEYOND REPREHENSIBLE.

    I smile everytime I hear about one of your kind getting hit by a car or shot. It’s just a shame your job isn’t as dangerous as you act like it is.

  101. Some people are oblivious to the fact that police are abnoxious self centered brainwashed bullies armed with the authority of a hired goon. Collecting.cash for the big boss and smashing heads and intimidating as they go. I know cops,. They mademe the man I am today. After a year of jarassement at the age of 18. Weighing in at 127lbs. I kicked the living snot oit of two of them. They taughtme how to fight. Anyhow. Here is a typi al example of a traffic stop. Cop pulls you over at night,.. one comes up to the driver door with caution and his hand on his gun,. As the other one continues the intimidation by circleing around the other side. Then the driver side cop explains that his only reason for stopping you is for a verifification this is the excuse they use as if it were some sort of good justification for their nonsence. Then he asks you 21 icoherent questions, thatmake no sence to the perfect answers you give, all the while the other cop is snooping in your car with his flashlight, where every gest and attitude makes you feel under seige. Bullies pure and simple,… paid thugs,.. and what is worse is that we pay for these flee picken makaques…..

    • Why is my comment awaiting moderation,.. more control,.. afraid of the truth,.. you want afix,.. wlk the beat, be human,.. say no to your boss,.. get a new. Carreer you are serving no one but the man,.. open your eye,s…you have been chosen for your feeblementality,… chosen for you are prone to sujestion,.. so I sujest you quit your stupis iseless job,.. were tire of paying for you guys to drive around in circles like voltures….

  102. Why are you guys contolling the comments,… oh ueah I forgot,.. that’s what you guys do,.. CONTROL thoughts, actions and speach,.. you guys are the chosen ones,.. do as I say,.. listen to me,. Answer to me.. or else……. I,ll taze you,.. twist your arm,.. choke you,.. smash your teeth in,.. shoot you,.. kidnap you,.. whatecer I damn well please so do as I say I’m LEO… and why can’t I reply to others and why. An’t I copy my own text,.. oh yeah control,.. its all about the planet of the apes control….

  103. Ok, I’ll bite….

    Yes, law enforcement officers who choose to enforcement unconstitutional statutes should expect push back from citizens.

    This man, no matter how you choose to view him or think of him, is within his rights. To cast him and his actions from that video in the same light as the person in the second picture is a blatant mis-characterization. It’s not intellectually honest at all.

    No one deserves to be assaulted for no reason, just the same way that no one deserves to have their rights violated, even for a “reasonable” amount of time.

  104. Thank you for exposing the Department of Homeland Security in particular and the LEO’s in general as the lying unethical power hungry uneducated bottom feeding work for welfare whores that they truly are.

  105. police officers,, if you don’t understand the law,, how is it your job is to enforce it? let me tell you the law in which you violated, because obviously you dirty cops make this man out to be the criminal, when in fact your actions where criminal. first off, you violated the 4th amendment. “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things …” Stopping this man along a us highway is a violation of said amendment. Also when the man refused to allow you too look in his trunk, and you forced him out of his car this too was a violation of the 4th amendment.. the fact that you expected him or anyone to answer your questions, once they refuse, that is the 5th amendment protection said man is under.. assaulting and detaining said man for refusing to answer questions is a direct violation of the 5th amendment and of the law which you are supposed to enforce. what a waste of tax payer money, the boarder patrol is.. There are dozens of check points just inside of California alone,, no where near the actual boarder, housing dozens of BP officers per each check point,, yet if those resources where used properly, each one of these officers would be along the board actually stopping people from coming in,, instead they waste their time dealing with actual citizens.. boarder patrol is a sham.. and obviously doesn’t work. Look at all the illegals that made it in.. wasn’t because you guys have check points and ask obviously american people for their papers.. go back to 1942 you freaking Nazi’s.

  106. Based strictly on the video in question… The BORDER Patrol agent was pissed that this ordinary citizen didn’t show him the respect that he feels he’s owed from ordinary citizens. The FIRST question (after “How are you?”) from the BORDER Patrol agent was “Where you coming to? Where you going today?”. The ordinary citizen politely and accurately stated “I’m sorry sir, but I don’t have to answer that question.” Then the BORDER Patrol asks, “Can you park right there please?” And the ordinary citizen asks, “For what?” ONE SECOND later, the BORDER Patrol agents attempts to open the car door and ONE SECOND after that, the BORDER Patrol agent trespasses the vehicle to open the door from the inside.

    Take note that the BORDER Patrol agent has NOT yet asked the driver to declare his CITIZENSHIP.

    Only after the door was forced open and after the DRUG sniffing dog walks past the driver does the BORDER Patrol agent FINALLY demand the driver to declare his citizenship. And the driver voluntarily complies with the demand and declares he is just an average, ordinary “United States citizen”.

    Take note that the BORDER Patrol agent has NOT made any reference to the dog or indicated ANY reasonable suspicion or probable cause to detain the driver or vehicle, even after the driver makes repeated requests to the agent to articulate some reasonable suspicion.

    Because this ordinary citizen does not cooperate and get out of the vehicle, the BORDER Patrol agent immediately resorts to assault and battery to obtain compliance.

    Eventually, after the another agent hijacks the vehicle and kidnaps the passengers, an agent makes the claim that the DRUG dog “alerted” to the vehicle.

    Watch the video and count the seconds. The vehicle came to a stop at the agent’s position at 2 minutes 26 seconds into the video. The vehicle is in a line of other vehicles along a well traveled roadway which might make it difficult for a proximate canine to identify a target vehicle. 11 seconds later the agent is attempting to open the car door.

    Based only on the video, the Border Patrol agent was operating outside the scope of the USCBP Internal Checkpoint policy and procedures and so had no legal authority to take the actions he did and so should be charged with felony assault and battery, kidnapping, both with a firearm kicker, and possibly a federal Color of Law charge. The agent who drove the vehicle could reasonably claim he thought the first agent was acting within his authority and so he thought the carjacking and kidnapping was legitimate.

  107. First question, what the FUCK is border patrol doing operating 50 miles away from the border? Second question, what WAS their probable cause and did they actually find anything? The agent SAID their dog hit but how do you ever really know other than the officer saying it did? So if they say the dog hit on the vehicle, they search and find nothing, what then? They either have a bad officer lying, or a bad dog that hit when it shouldn’t have. Third, people still have rights in this country and one of those rights is that you don’t perform a search without a warrant. Another of those rights is the right not to speak to the police. Citizens do NOT have to justify their travel to police officers. You do NOT have the right to ask where they are coming from or where they are going. It’s none of your damn business and none of the laws business.

  108. This website is so messed up. The only justice is a civil suite, so when this goes to civil court than lets hear what you have to say. So keep this bias uninformed website going. Civil Court will let you know about the 1st, 4th and the 5th amendments rights are. I see 100,000.00 dollars, do you?

  109. The man did not embarrass himself. The agent did. The man did not traumatize his child. The agent did. The man did not violate the law. The agent did. Your title is an outright lie, and you damn well know it.


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