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Anti-cop group trying to take guns away from NYPD


Disarm NYPD, an anti-police activist group, is lobbying to not only take guns away from police officers, but to also create “police-free zones” throughout the city. To replace officers, the group suggests the creation of “conflict resolution bodies,” which would consist of residents.

“We feel that the police have proven that they’re not responsible enough to carry arms due to the fact that they’ve been killing people so consistently for so many decades,” said an anonymous member of Disarm NYPD. “We feel that they should be disarmed immediately.”

A report from Waging Nonviolence claims the overall goal of the group is to force police out of neighborhoods they believe are “over policed” and then “maintain these cop-free zones with [alternate], community-based forms of conflict resolution.”

Image source: Disarm NYPD Facebook Page
Image source: Disarm NYPD Facebook Page


The group got this idea from a similar group called Take Back The Bronx. This group was formed in 2011 and members would put signs on heavily-policed blocks informing officers that they were not welcomed.

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