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Another Indianapolis police station hit by gunfire, ‘extremely violent’ suspect a top priority


Two different police district offices in Indianapolis have been targeted in 10 days and authorities believe the same people are responsible for both attacks.

ABC News reports that late Thursday night gunfire erupted at the North District Headquarters.  At last one bullet reportedly entered the building and one vehicle in the parking lot was struck, officials said. Some windows and walls were also damaged. Witnesses say they heard a vehicle speed away after the gunfire stopped.

The next day Police Chief Troy Riggs told local media: “This person is extremely violent…it’s someone that we need to be vigilant in trying to capture quickly.”

A similar attack happened Oct 4 at the NW District Headquarters. Metro PD said their initial investigation shows that the suspects involved in the first shooting were also behind the one Thursday night.

Following the first shooting, Riggs had stated it may have been in response to a recent crackdown on drugs that “included arresting suspected drug dealers and taking more than $3 million in narcotics off the street.”

No one was hurt in either one of the incidents.


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