Home News Anarchists plan to ambush cops on Halloween

Anarchists plan to ambush cops on Halloween

Halloween in NYC 2014.  Image credit:  Christopher Michael (Wikimedia Commons)
Halloween in NYC 2014. Image credit: Christopher Michael (Wikimedia Commons)

The FBI issued an alert Monday warning police departments around the country of an anarchist group’s plan to ambush law enforcement officers on Halloween.

Dubbed the “Halloween Revolt,” the extremest group known as the National Liberation Militia is encouraging followers to cause a disturbance to attract police, and then viciously attack them, according to the FBI.  Part of the ambush plan is to wear Halloween masks and attack officers with firearms, bricks and bottles, according to the NY Post.


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  1. I wonder if those groups are also run by the FBI , as like in the other patsy incidents the create ? If you know who and when , then these people in the FBI also know where , why not arrest now if they KNOW ALL THAT? Smells like more Operation gladio

    • So you want to be like the Minority report and arrest someone because of the crimes they are going to commit?

    • Your logic is stupid, in American you can’t be arrested for a future crime that you might commit. This isn’t Russia or communist China and be grateful it’s not otherwise you’d be arrested for coming up with crazy conspiracy theories.

  2. I would love to be able to back the LEO’s with a machine gun. I pray for each and every one of you to stay safe. Thank you for all you do.

  3. You people are fucking retarded.
    First of all, this all originated with the NY Post who printed it with no confimrations from the FBI or otherwise. It was hearsay from the start.
    Second, do you even understand what anarchists are? They aren’t a national anything. This is just sloppy misinformation and propoganda.
    Third, you really are all retarded.
    The real terrorists are those that stand for the thin blue line.
    They are the ones who have a kill count of 1000 this year, and counting.
    They are the ones that thrown flash bangs in cribs and shoot leashed dogs.
    They are the ones that hide the murderers, rapists and pedophiles in their ranks from your eyes.

    Terrorism is the use of threats and violence to achieve political goals. Guess who uses threats and violence for political gain? The state and these losers, these NON-heroes are their dogs, their storm troopers.

    Hello, 1984 called, they want their dystopian future back you bunch of ignorant, uneducated, bootlicking, unthinking flaggots.

    • Hey bozo, that is an official NYPD bolo which was started by the Fbi not the NY post. The post reported it after it was already handed out.

  4. To all our officers in the country, please be careful. This type of alert is going to put a strain on all law enforcement. God Bless our men in blue.

  5. This is balony.
    No Individualist anarchist group would initiate violence.
    No anarchist group would call itself “National”
    No right winged group would have “liberation” in the name, because of the association with liberal causes.
    No left winged group would have “militia” in the name.

    This is a badly made up phony.

  6. Well what is done to us is Karma…..so ask yourself what kind of person are you to warrant such acts against you? I am not into this at all its just something I used to ask my kids when they were in trouble with me….so now I ask you. Its really a shame our world has come to this…but….its a two way street.

  7. Still waiting for this militia filled with anarchist to strike the cowards of Leo. I find it funny that you have to make up shit in order to gain credit for stopping it lol. We all know that you’ll get the credit. I just wish people saw through the lies.