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Alamo Heights PD release audio of fatal police shooting


After fifteen months, the Alamo Heights Police Department has finally released the long awaited recording of the fatal meeting between University of the Incarnate Word student Cameron Redus and former UIW officer Cpl. Christopher Carter after a traffic stop.

Accodring to KSAT, Carter pulled over Redus in his apartment complex because suspected Redus was driving under the influence. Carter’s lapel microphone, which was tied into the rear seat camera of his patrol car, recorded the encounter.

“Stay right there. Stay right there. Put your hands on the hood,” Carter said.

Following a pat down that proved Redus was unarmed, Carter attempted to subdue him.

“Put your hands behind your back,” Carter constantly repeated.

“That’s fine. That’s fine,” Redus said.

“Stop resisting. You’re resisting arrest,” said Carter.

It is around this time that Carter claimed Redus assaulted him with his own police baton.

“Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Or I will shoot,” Carter said.

“You’re going to [expletive] shoot me?” Redus said approaching Carter.

“Stop or I will shoot you,” Carter said.

“You’re pathetic,” Redus told Carter twice.

The verbal exchange continued for several minutes.

“You piece of [expletive],” Redus can be heard saying.

“Stop, stop, stop, [expletive],” Carter said.

As Redus apparently came closer, Carter said, “Get back. Get back.”

Six gunshots could then be heard. Five of them struck Redus.

The recording concludes with Carter calling police dispatch.

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