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Alabama’s top cop fired for revealing Governor had affair with chief adviser


Gov. Robert Bentley fired Alabama’s top cop, Spencer Collier, on Tuesday– reportedly after an internal investigation at the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency found possible misuse of state dollars under Collier.

Collier, who was head of ALEA, discovered in 2014, that Gov. Bentley was in a relationship with his adviser, Rebekah Mason. When he approached the governor – who he considered a friend and father figure –he said Bentley confirmed the relationship, but “vowed to end it quickly.”

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“It’s a horrible, ugly episode and I am ashamed to have been around it,” Collier said. “But I told him I would never lie for him.”

The governor has denied the allegations that he and Mason — a former TV news anchor who  became a staffer then key adviser to Bentley — were having an affair. People close to the governor say this is just the “last gasp of an angry man” — about Collier’s recent on-the-record statements.

Collier claims that a colleague of his – Stan Stabler – saw a text message from Mason on Bentley’s cell phone. Stabler saw the message, according to Collier, after the governor dropped his phone at a business conference in 2014.

Collier reportedly got a hold of an audiotape of conversations between the governor and Mason.  On the tape, Mason supposedly says: “If we’re gonna do what we did yesterday we’re going to have to lock that door.” Collier says, the governor responded with improper comments about “her breasts and behind.”

The tape was erased – but apparently members of the governor’s family still have a copy of it.

When local media first reported about the rumors swirling around the Capitol, it was revealed that Mason was not listed on the state payroll and was reportedly paid through a non-profit.

According to AL.com, a state representative alleged that the governor acted improperly and   asked the state attorney general to investigate his alleged misuse of state resources –paying state troopers overtime and using a private jet–  in order to cover up events that led to his divorce.

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