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Alabama drug suspect falls asleep in clothes drier, while trying to hide from police

Michael Christopher Davis
Michael Christopher Davis

Police found a suspect folded up “among the delicates” in a clothing drier — during a drug raid at a home in Brookside, Alabama.

Michael Davis was one of nine people arrested this week as part of “Operation Crack Down,” aimed at nabbing drug dealers in the small Jefferson County town.

When officers arrived at a home on Fields Avenue on Wednesday, people started running in all directions. Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies, their tracking dogs and Brookside police started pursuing the suspects. They secured the scene and started taking inventory of the items found inside the home.

About an hour into their search for evidence and suspects, police heard a strange noise. It was snoring, coming from a man who was fast asleep in the clothing drier. Davis had apparently crawled in there to hide from police. “He was folded up like he was in a shirt pocket,” said Brookside police Sgt. Bryan Watkins. “You can’t make this stuff up.”

“I was trying to hide and y’all just stayed too long,” Davis told police. “I fell asleep.”

“In Brookside, we don’t set quotas,” said Police Chief Jason Springfield. “I let my guys find everyone they can in dryers.”

While the chief was obviously finding the humor in all this– the officers have been dealing with a very serious month-long operation– which has already led to the arrests of close to 30 drug suspects. According to AL.com an officer shot at one of them, over the weekend, after the man pointed a gun at him — during a “buy-bust” operation.


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