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Activist goes to great lengths to identify, report officer for insensitive Facebook post


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A 20-year-veteran of the St. Paul Police Dept. is now under investigation for a Facebook post he allegedly wrote over the MLK holiday weekend.

The post urges drivers to “run over Black Lives Matters protesters” and tells them how to “get away with it” — so that a jury could not later convict them. It goes on to say: “Keep traffic flowing and don’t slow down for any of these idiots who try and block the streets.”

The post was made by “J.R. Roth” on Saturday around 1 AM, and referred to Monday’s Black Lives Matter MLK Justice Rally.

WCCO reports that a man named Andrew Henderson took screen shots of the post and videotaped himself calling St. Paul police to report it.

Henderson also recorded himself at a meeting with internal affairs, where he told authorities why he believed it was Sgt. Jeff Rothecker, who wrote the controversial post.


The department is actively investigating the offensive statement, which it says does not “align with the views, values and practices of the St Paul Police Dept.”

If the allegations are true, the city says it will take “swift, strong and decisive action.”

The officer is now on leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

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  1. The problem as I see it is that so many of them have advocated, promoted and glorified violence against police and often against whites in general. They commit crimes repeatedly during their protests and no one does anything about it. I certainly don’t believe they are in anyway the cream of the crop of the black community just as the KKK are not the cream of the crop for the white community. I get along with and treat blacks in general no different than whites because we are all the same, we are human beings. But there are groups on both sides that deserve no respect, not because of their skin color but because of their ridiculous inappropriate behavior. They dredge up prejudice and crimes. What is going on in this nation against law enforcement and being ignored or even encouraged by our government is repulsive. So in reality I don’t think anything should happen to this officer other than ordering him not to do it in the future. If only someone in power would put out that order to the people causing havoc. I’m sure not every BLM participant is as aggressive but certainly the “group” is and is out of any reasonable control.

  2. I’m sorry, did they say he’s “on leave?” Did they misspell “re-assigned to being in charge of handling such events?”

    While what he said sounds callous, it’s technically neither untrue or illegal. This officer should probably receive some kind of week suspension without pay, or some month at desk duty or something to show him not to be dumb online, but really, he didnt say anything THAT incendiary. Personally, I agree with him. Protesters are great and have a place but that place is never the middle of the street.

    I get it, disruption equals attention. But attention does not always equal support, and I’m hard pressed to imagine any of those effected by this traffic (maybe some were late to work, a child’s event, picking up an elderly relative) would have any sympathy for the BLM cause. Also, way to be a HUGE pussy, Andrew Henderson. You know the officer’s name– should you confront him and tell him you don’t like what he said? No, get him in trouble at work, that’s the adult thing to do…

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