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Active shooter, hostage situation in Amarillo, TX


The gunman who took hostages inside of an Amarillo, TX Walmart earlier today has been killed by police, according to local law enforcement officials.

According to the Randall County Sheriff’s Office, “The suspect has been shot by [Amarillo Police Department] SWAT and has died. Hostages inside are safe.” The agency also stated earlier that “There are no confirmed gunshot victims inside the Walmart.”


According to Amarillo, employee Anita Flores said that the area was locked down, with no personnel or customers allowed to move freely. She added that another employee came to her at one point, telling her “there was a shooter, I guess the guy used to be an employee over there, I‘m not sure, and he took two people to the back with him and locked them in a bathroom. One would be the manager of this Walmart, I guess his name is Glenn. I don’t know who the other person is, they didn’t say.”

The Sheriff’s Office thanked everyone who took to social media during the crisis, citing that “your shares helped us keep the area clear during an extremely dangerous situation…and helped us inform the public in a very timely manner.”

The area will remain closed to traffic as the investigation continues and all civilians are advised to avoid the streets in the area.

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