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Acting London Metro Police Chief locked himself in car, watched officer get stabbed during Westminster attack


A London Metropolitan Police Chief hid inside his car as a Muslim extremist stormed Parliament with his vehicle and assaulted the grounds with two knives last year, killing four subjects and one police constable.

Acting Met Commissioner Sir Craig Mackey was at the scene when Khalid Masood stormed onto the grounds with two kitchen knives, moments after he ran over four people on Westminster Bridge.

Sir Craig claimed that his first instinct was to secure his car, which was occupied by his driver and other passengers.

“I was sitting in the car with two other people, one colleague had clearly seen what was going on,” he said at the inquiry. “I locked the doors- we had no protective equipment, no radios, we had been in a ministerial meeting and literally came out of that.”


He went on to describe the senseless murder of Police Constable Palmer, who was stabbed to death during the March attack.

“I could see the man moving towards one of the officers that I now know to be Pc Palmer, I could see Pc Palmer appeared to be moving backwards and going down. I saw two stabbing attempts. I couldn’t see whether they connected, but it was two absolutely determined stab attempts.”

According to the Evening Standard, Sir Craig claims he sheltered in place due to his high rank making him a target, as well as his duty to protect the occupants of the car.

“I was conscious my two colleagues were not police officers, they had no training, no background. If anyone had got out, the way that Masood was looking and moving through there, anyone who got in his way would have been a target,” he said.

Masood was eventually killed by Police, but not before claiming five victims- including one of the Met’s own.

The inquiry is still ongoing.

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