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Accused cop killer is suing his deceased victim for $2.3 million for excessive force



When Major P. Davis II shot and killed IMPD Officer Perry Renn with an AK-47 , he did so, prosecutors allege, while standing behind the mother of his children.

Davis, who’s now awaiting trial for Renn’s 2014 murder, is suing his victim for $2.3 million, indystar.com reports.   According to the civil lawsuit: “Plaintiff seeks compensatory and emotional, punitive damages for his pain and suffering, physical injury of nerve damage from being shot in the right-side cranial, developing headaches, neurological problems, being confined to a wheel chair, and digestive problems from being shot in the abdomen.”

Renn was responding to a report of shots fired during a holiday weekend cookout party when the shooting occurred.

Major Davis
Major Davis

According to Davis’ version of events, fireworks had been set off several times before police arrived at 9:45 p.m. He claims he was complying with officer’s orders, his hands were in “plain sight” and Renn began “shooting him from the rear” as he was walking back to his van with two women.

Davis says Renn and the other officer investigating that night – Nicholas Galico – violated his Constitutional “Right to be Secure.” However, prosecutors say that Davis “shot Renn with his mother’s AK-47 while standing behind the mother of his children, an obstruction that caused the officer’s fatal hesitation in responding to the threat.”

Davis is representing himself in this case, because according to attorney Jack Crawford, the civil suit has no ‘legal merit’ and “no lawyer with any sense would represent him.” Crawford tells Fox 59, he believes the civil suit could “come back to haunt” Davis during his murder trial. “By filing this suit, he has waived his right to remain silent so the state could call him as a witness against himself in his own case,” he said.

Davis is currently being held at the Indiana State Prison and could face the death penalty if convicted.

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  1. Major Davis ll deserves his day in court. How does September 12, 2081 sound? It works for me as long as Mr. Davis is still (as he should be) incarcerated as this point.
    With luck though, he’ll have been killed in prison or died of a horrible desease by then.


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