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Abuse Of Power: Judge yells at officer for pulling him over, gets let off without ticket


Newly released dashcam video shows a Pennsylvania judge confronted an officer within seconds of being pulled over for a traffic violation.

In the dashcam video, Lancaster County Judge Dennis Reinaker immediately gets out of his vehicle and tells the officer to, “check the registration on this plate soon, mister.”

According to PennLive.com, the traffic stop happened in April. The judge had been stopped because he was tailgating an unmarked police car.

Judge Reinaker told the news outlet he did not ask for special treatment.

After checking the registration, the officer approached Reinarker’s car window and told him, “have a good day, Judge.”

Defending his actions, the judge gave this statement to Lancaster Online:

“I respect and greatly appreciate the hard work of our law enforcement officers in Lancaster County. Any parking or traffic citations I have ever received were paid without objection. I neither expect nor deserve any special treatment and made no such request on this occasion. However, I am not immune to an instance of mild frustration during a morning commute. In this case, it was not clear to me why I was pulled over. I obeyed the officer’s directives and intended no disrespect.”

However the statement appears to be in complete contradiction with what the dash cam video showed.

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  1. I might add that this guy is not just a PA Court of Common Pleas but the “President Judge” of Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas He is not elected President Judge by the voters so I assume that his buddies on the court vote him into that position while they change their clothes in the men’s locker room over at a Lancaster Country Club before an afternoon round. I guess judge Smails chose not to throw his hat in the ring for that office this time around. You would think he would be embarrassed by all of this but then you are totally unfamiliar with the ruling class and Republican Party of Lancaster County.

  2. The officer did the right thing in that he didn’t want to get the stench of stepping into a shit sandwich on his shoes. Who wants to deal with that crap. We all know how it works and the judge’s statement is a crock of crap. He knew his plates were going to come back letting all LEO’s know who he was. That young cop did the right thing. Just let it roll off your back and once the dashcam is released, it will speak for itself.

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