Home News A Texas officer's take on the Goforth killing and the media's response

A Texas officer's take on the Goforth killing and the media's response



You know what you won’t see tomorrow ?


You won’t see the news media interview sketchy witnesses that paint some grandiose picture of what MIGHT have happened.

You won’t see President Obama talk about this deputy in the same fashion as Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, or Trayvon Martin.. If he even utters his name at all.. which isn’t likely. You won’t see civil rights activists flock to Houston.

You won’t hear this called a “hate crime”, although it was a calculated, HATE filled act. You won’t hear much, if anything, from the candidates.

You know what else you won’t hear?

You won’t hear some representative of the HCSO contact Deputy Goforth’s wife, sit her down, and tell her that she has to raise those beautiful kids by herself. You won’t hear a sentence start with “I’m so sorry to have to tell you this, but your husband isn’t coming home tonight”. You won’t hear the moms like mine, the wives, husbands, and the children beg their loved one not to go to work or to find a different profession. Those conversations will happen, but you won’t hear it. You won’t hear it because it’ll be in our homes. In private. Not in your face on CNN for a cause.

Normally my crap is really politically correct.. But not tonight. There is an all out WAR being waged on your police. On the ones that are supposed to protect you, that you pay for with your tax dollars.

There is a HUGE majority of people that want more transparency with the police – we get it – we’re doing it. You want to record us with your cell phones stuffed in our faces, trying to antagonize us, so you can make it to YouTube- we get it – we’re not stopping you. But DAMN. Do you want transparency, or do you want us to just stay home?

To the POS coward that pulled his little stunt tonight. Good for you. You won tonight. You took one of us out, made the headlines, and made a statement. But I guaran-damn-tee you.. You won’t make it far. Every cop I know would love the opportunity to hunt you down right now. You took one of our brothers. You gunned him down from behind because you were too scared to face him. Then you shot him some more while he was on the ground like a dog. You’ll probably take the coward’s way out and off yourself. But if you don’t, I hope your actions were worth it, you sorry SOB. Because you just stirred the hornet’s nest! There are some motivated folks coming after you right now that will follow you straight to the gates of Hell to bring you to justice.

To everybody else.. To the supporters. To the ambivalent ones. Even to the ones that just flat out don’t like us: Don’t worry. We won’t riot. We won’t protest. We won’t loot. We won’t strike. We won’t change. We’ll get up and come right back to work again tomorrow. Because we love it. And we love you. And we are here. No matter what, we’ll ALWAYS be that THIN BLUE LINE.


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  1. Here is the issue, for every good cop, there is a bad cop.
    For every cop that is truly a good person doing his best to make the place he works in a better one, there is a racist bigot who would rather beat and harass those whom he is meant to protect.
    Not all cops are bad, but not all people are bad either, it’s the ones who are that stand out, and when you give large amounts of control and power to a group of people and then many of them constantly abuse it, people will start to hate them.


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