Home News 8- year-old boy takes younger siblings on joyride through streets of Minnesota

8- year-old boy takes younger siblings on joyride through streets of Minnesota


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It seemed as if the driver was all packed up and ready to go — his belongings stuffed in a backpack and white trash bag — as if he was headed out for an extended trip.

Thing is, the driver was just a child, and his parents – or any adult for that matter — were nowhere to be found.

The car, which was being driven by an 8-year-old boy, had two other children inside. They were three and five years old, the driver’s foster siblings. Police say early in the morning on April 28, while still wearing their pajamas, the kids jumped into their foster family’s white Buick Roadmaster SUV.

Amazingly, the boy managed to drive about 15-20 miles down a highway from St Paul to Mounds View, in Minnesota. Police started getting calls about an “erratic driver on Highway 36 near 35w during the morning rush hour back in April,” according to Fox 9 News.

One motorist called to report that he saw a little boy standing behind the steering wheel which looked more like a “ship’s wheel in his hand.”

Authorities just released dash cam video of the joyride.

It shows the boy pull into a driveway as a State Patrol officer drives up behind the car. “Throwing the car into reverse, the boy hits the trooper’s cruiser slowly, before parking in the driveway,” the report said.

That’s when the ride came to an end — the younger kids sleepily exiting the vehicle, as the trooper speaks to their brother, the driver.

It’s not clear where the kids were actually going or if they had a clear destination at all, but the boy apparently has a history of running away. Thankfully, none of them were injured and nobody on the road was hurt.

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