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7 times cops were caught in hilarious and awkward situations


1. The Weigh-In

You have to hand it to Vegas Metro officer Russel Mettke. For almost the entire time he’s extremely disciplined, but when famous fighter Miesha Tate is dressing following her weigh-in, he gets taught catching a peek. Just a little peek, but one that he will likely never live down.

2. The Payback
Both Miesha Tate and officer Mettke were good sports about the whole non-incident and Tate came by the department for some revenge..

3. The Deer In Headlights

A Missouri officer walking up to the scene of an assisted living facility 2-alarm fire accidentally walks into the live shot before realizing his mistake and all so subtly walking off camera.  We received reports that the officer is known for his sense of humor and the incident may not have been entirely unintentional.  Either way, this short clip has endless replay value.

4. The Concealed Weapon

YouTube video

He’s not the first, or the last officer to be the victim of a misjudged waistband location, but he’s definitely among the elite when it comes to having the incident caught on video.  And honestly, wearing your pants that low and breaking the law is a recipe for this kind of awkward situation.


5. Carl!  You Had One Job!!

YouTube video

Not sure exactly what’s going on here, at all, but allegedly these are cops – so it made the list for that epic fall.

6. I Don’t Know What To Do With My Hands

YouTube video

In this delightfully awkward clip, a British police officer is seen looking terribly uncomfortable as Carnival celebrators grind and twerk all over the blushing gent.

7. Captain Said He Wanted More Community Engagement

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Not to be outdone by their British counterparts, American Carnival revelers in New York include the police as part of the parade. You can even hear the man with the microphone directing the dancers over to the officers, although it doesn’t look like the officers are complaining too much.

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