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7-11 robbery caught on surveillance video quickly ends when security guard walks in


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While a report concerning “a convenience store robbery in New Jersey” might sound so common as to be cliche, the outcome of this 7-Eleven stickup was anything but predictable.

The incident took place earlier this month at a Hamilton 7-Eleven, when two armed robbers attempted to hold up the establishment, their hooded sweatshirts cinched down tight to conceal their identities.

Jumping over the counter and brandishing a firearm, the two men began taking what they want when they are suddenly confronted by a topflight security officer who had a no-nonsense approach to such thuggery.

Walking into the store, the officer drew his service-length revolver and fired twice at the gunman, advancing forward to engage the second robber as the store clerk ran to safety.

“It’s fake! It’s fake!” the gunman screamed, referencing his firearm as he writhed on the floor in agony.

“Oh well,” the baritone-voiced security officer said with an attitude akin to Ving Rhames in Pulp Fiction. “Mine is real.”

Ordering the men to the ground, the security officer squared up against them as the clerk notified the authorities.

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