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$675K funneled into election campaign of wife of FBI official investigating Hillary Clinton

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe. Image credit: Facebook
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe. Image credit: Facebook

The Governor of Virginia reportedly directed campaign funds to the wife of an FBI official involved in the Clinton email probe.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who is a loyal and long-standing ally of Hillary Clinton, funneled over $675,000 into the election campaign of Jill McCabe, who was running for state Senate under the Virginia Democratic ticket.

McCabe’s husband, Andrew McCabe, is now deputy director of the FBI and was formerly involved with investigating the Clinton email scandal.

Mr. McCabe took a promotion to the Bureau’s #3 position around the same time as the initiation of the scandal. Within a year, he was promoted to Deputy Director, taking the #2 spot.

In addition to the $467,500 McAuliffe’s PAC sent to McCabe’s wife, an additional $207,788 was donated by the Virginia Democratic Party, where McAuliffe has considerable pull.

According to the New York Post, the FBI said McCabe “played no role, attended no events, and did not participate in fundraising or support of any kind. Months after the completion of her campaign, then-Associate Deputy Director McCabe was promoted to Deputy, where, in that position, he assumed for the first time, an oversight role in the investigation into Secretary Clinton’s emails.”

The governor’s office says that the governor met Mr. McCabe on only one occasion- when the governor persuaded Mrs. McCabe to run for state Senate.

The Virginia governor’s spokesman said that McAuliffe “supported Jill McCabe because he believed she would be a good state senator. This is a customary practice for Virginia governors… Any insinuation that his support was tied to anything other than his desire to elect candidates who would help pass his agenda is ridiculous.”

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  1. What kind of person would not support his wife running for office? One whom has been bought and paid for.

  2. Sadly, this sort of thing no longer surprises me. All one need do is see how Clinton is losing her mind over the discovery of thousands of emails, and the way she is manipulating her supporters into a frenzy against FBI Dir James Comey and those FBI agents and federal prosecutors investigating Anthony Weiner, and now reportedly against US AG Loretta Lynch. Her premise for being outraged? That the FBI should have obtained a warrant prior to finding the emails they did not know existed in the first place (a sot of pre-crime search warrant, I’m guessing).

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