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5th CPD officer shot this year was pursuing suspect on foot, partner who used taser was stabbed


A Chicago police officer was shot in the shoulder during a chase on Monday during what began as a routine patrol.

According to ABC7Chicago, the officers were on patrol in a marked car when they came across three “suspicious” subjects. Seeing what they thought may have been a weapon, the officers dismounted to investigate.

When the suspects noticed the officers, one of them broke formation and sprinted away, opening fire as officers gave chase.

“I was making my daughter something when I heard like 15 shots,” resident Mike McCampbell said.

In the midst of the chase, one officer was hit.

“He pitched a pistol, looks like I’ve been shot in the left shoulder,” the injured officer said calmly over the radio, adrenaline holding his composure together

The downed officer’s partner chose not to shoot the suspect, instead Tasing him in an effort to subdue. In the process, the partner was stabbed and two of the three suspects managed to get away.

Despite two officers having been sent to the hospital for wounds, Police Supt. Eddie Johnson considers the situation a “success”.

“This is a perfect example of doing the right thing. The offender was taken into custody by the officer’s partner. He was Tased and not shot. The weapon was recovered,” Supt. Johnson said.

Over the weekend, the notoriously “tough on guns” city of Chicago saw six people killed and 38 injured.


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