Home News 22-year-old Colorado woman arrested after tying up, slashing and choking Tinder date

22-year-old Colorado woman arrested after tying up, slashing and choking Tinder date

22-year-old Lauren Marie Dooley. Credit: Colorado Spring Police Department.

A woman in Colorado is facing down multiple felonies after she kidnapped and brutally abused her Tinder date.

Twenty-two year old Lauren Marie Dooley of Colorado Springs was taken into custody on Wednesday, with authorities charging her with one felony count each of second-degree kidnapping, second-degree assault, and menacing.

The woman was arrested after nearby officers received a call for assistance, only to find a man standing naked in the parking lot of her apartment complex.

Bleeding, the man was backing away from Dooley, who police later reported “appeared to have blood smeared on her arms and hands.”

As police took care of the scene, the victim -aged 21- claimed he met Dooley on Tinder, and that he agreed to a one-night-stand.

Dooley started the evening off performing oral sex on the victim, only to use duct tape to “bind [the victim’s] wrists together and ankles together.”

“[The victim] found it odd, but consented to it,” the police affidavit read.

Dooley then drew a kitchen knife and demanded the man hobble to her bed.

“Fearing Lauren would harm him with the knife, he obeyed and got into her bed,” the report read.

Now helpless, the victim found himself being slashed with the knife, strangled and even choked with a belt.

When Dooley was done with her misandric assault, she checked the victim’s pulse, ordered food from DoorDash, and threatened to kill him if he told anyone.

After eating, Dooley fell asleep next to the victim, who was still bound and bleeding.

The victim managed to escape, and notify the police. However, Dooley caught up with him by the time police arrived.

Dooley was scheduled for a court appearance on Thursday, October 6.

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