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2 day retirement fair hosted by NYPD could see surge of officers end their careers over getting the vaccine

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Graham Rayman

New York Daily News

The NYPD is planning a two-day retirement fair at police headquarters for what could be a surge of cops who’d rather end their careers than take the COVID shot.

The police Pension Fund will set up shop Friday and Sunday in the auditorium of 1 Police Plaza in Downtown Manhattan to process paperwork for cops “who wish to retire due to the vaccine mandates,” according to a pair of administrative memos sent out Thursday.

Friday’s event will cover officers who have 20 years or more on the job and want to retire with their full pension, while Sunday’s event will handle cops with between five and 20 years on the job.

After five years, police officers are eligible for vested retirement benefits, but they wont get their $12,000-a-year variable supplements fund payout, and won’t be able to go on terminal leave.

All city employees must have proof that they’ve received one shot of the COVID vaccine, or else they could be placed on unpaid leave come Monday.

As of Thursday, roughly 74 % of the NYPD has received at least one jab, but in several precincts, nearly half of the cops have not gotten the vaccine.

Mayor de Blasio has assured that vital agencies like the NYPD, the FDNY and the Sanitation Department have contingency plans to cover for suspended workers.

One cop, Risel Martinez, took to Instagram Wednesday to say he’d be quitting the job after nine years on the force. Martinez announced his decision in an 8-minute, profanity-laced rant. He doesn’t explicitly mention the vaccine mandate, but he uses the hashtags, “#donotcomplynyc” and “#freedom.”

“The truth is, the choice is for you to make, it’s not for anybody else to make, that I think it’s extremely disgusting what this city is doing, what the politicians have been doing and what they’re doing now,” Martinez said.

“And I don’t think it’s gonna stop, so I’m gonna remove myself completely…. I’m done f—ing dancing. I’m not a dancing f—ing monkey. I’m a human f—ing being, and I would like to be treated as such.”

Martinez has a checkered career that includes a May 2016 incident where he was caught on video pulling a gun on and punching a man recording him in Harlem.

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