Home News 10-year-old car thief arrested again after breaking into Florida car dealership vehicles

10-year-old car thief arrested again after breaking into Florida car dealership vehicles


A Florida pre-teen who has a penchant for stealing cars has been arrested again, this time trying to heist a fleet of vehicles from a dealership.

Ten-year-old Damarion Moore was arrested after cutting off his GPS tracking bracelet and joining several other juveniles on Wednesday, raiding a Daytona Beach-area dealership and making off with two vehicles.

Dealership owner Beverly Corte told WFTV that around seven cars were stolen from Daytona Direct Auto.

“I know we have busy lives, but this has caused a lot of stress and it’s unnecessary,” said Corte. “Your 10-year-old should be in bed at 3 in the morning.”

Moore’s father, Darran, said the news of his son’s misbehavior weighs heavily on him.

“I was hurt because in this neighborhood, you get a lot of crime, and I didn’t know my kids (were) doing most of the crime,” said Darran Moore. “There’s no explanation. Really, I put it on myself.”

Daytona Beach Police Chief Craig Capri wants to see the young Moore enrolled in a youth or sports program, citing the child’s sudden history of criminal acts.

“It’s a tragedy. He really didn’t have a criminal record until the last month or so,” he said.

According to WFTV, Moore was arrested for conveyance, though at this time it is unknown if he will be punished through jail time or other programs.

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