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Abuse And Violations

The Communications Act of 1934  and the subsequent Telecommunications Act of 1996 cover content on LEOAffairs.com (this site, we, our, or us as applicable).   More specifically,  Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act protects this site, its Users and other Content Providers by providing immunity from liability of publishing information provided by others.  That being said, we have decided to go the extra mile in moderating its Message Boards.

We have one of the best systems in place to regulate the Message Boards.   It involves the use of Voluntary Moderators (at least one for every Message Board), Monitors, Staff Moderators, a Training Moderator and an Executive (Mod1) who is in charge of all Message Boards and Moderators. In fact, we will not add an agency Message Board unless we have someone to moderate it.  Thus, given the fact that we have hundreds of agency Message Boards, this system of reporting Abuse and Violations MUST be followed in order to be effective.

Steps to report Abuse and Violations

New Procedure

1.      Post MUST conflict with our Terms of Use
2.      Simply click on theReport This Post iconsymbol to the bottom left of the post to “Report this post”
3.      Leave “Your Message” in the applicable box on why this post violates the Terms of Use (if necessary)
4.      Click the “Send Report” button

All posts reported using the above system are automatically sent to the affected Moderator(s), Staff Moderators and to Mod 1 (who is in charge of all Moderators and Message Boards). 

Please Note: Message Board Abuse and Violations MUST conflict with our Terms of Use, for this site.  Please review our Terms of Use and become familiar with them so you can accurately gauge whether or not there is a violation.  You should periodically review the Terms of Use as these documents are reviewed and updated frequently.  The Terms of Use are available to you, the User, at the Terms of Use link in the drop down under the FORUMS in the Menu Bar of this site.  Please refer to the example below:

Reports of Abuse and/or Violations that are not credible WILL NOT be processed.  Furthermore, users who make a habit of submitting frivolous reports can be banned.

Please bear in mind that we do our best to moderate our Message Boards.  However, with hundreds of Message Boards and thousands of postings, it is possible that something could be overlooked.  We rely on our users as well as our Moderators to help us enforce the Terms of Use.  If you see a violation, please let us know as outlined in the procedures above.  Likewise, please bear in mind that while not all speech is protected; users do have their First Amendment right to free speech.  If your name is mentioned in a post that is not libelous or demeaning towards you, it is not a violation of our Terms of Use.  If a user is impersonating you, that’s a different story.  If you report a post using the above method and are not satisfied or no action has been taken within 24 hours, please mod1@leoaffairs.com with your concerns.

If you are Command Staff for a law enforcement agency and would like to request more timely moderation of your agency’s Message Board. Before making this request, please verify that your agency has not blocked access to this site from its servers.

Thanks for your support!